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Eclypsa is a tidally locked planet in the Tiszanti System.

The Dusk half of the planet is suspended in near-darkness, illuminated by perpetually floating rocks, reflecting minimal sunlight. The Dawn half of Eclypsa sees gorgeous shades of oranges and purples in the sky at all times.

Geography, Location, & Climate

The Dawn is a grand expanse of rocky canyons and cliffs, with brightly coloured variegated stone. There is little vegetation that can handle the high temperatures. Sparse shrubbery and foliage can be found in flatter areas.

Dawn by Mochi
Dusk by Mochi

The Dusk recieves light from reflective rocks floating in the atmosphere, bouncing sunlight around the globe. Its freezing temperatures make it difficult for live to thrive.

Despite this, the amphibious eclyptides live comfortably.

Notable Landmarks


A massive canyon within the Caracali Region of the Dawn. It is the deepest landpoint on the entire planet, just over two hundred metres below sea level.

Tesin Grove

A small nook within the Tesin Forest, one of few densely forested regions. The grove is the nesting site of the tesin froak, a critically endangered species.


One of the only eclyptide settlements outside of the Dusk. With an artificial darkness, it perfectly mimics the Dusk. Sphere even contains floating rocks, scattering sunlight.


Considered the world capital, Axaui is a bustling metropolis deep within a dusk forest.

Silver Coast

An expansive coastline made of silver sand. The sand reflects a lot of sunlight and is the brightest location in the Dusk.

Parr Nips

A large family-owned farmland that has lasted ninety generations. Its yields of harvested insects support entire cities.
Orbit No.
Distance From Star
2.3 AU
Space Legion
Eclypsa Space Council
Location under
Included Locations
No. of Satellites
Significant Natural Satellites
Aniki, Donoro, Ponti

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