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Otonan is a large rocky planet in the Bloo System. It is best known for its boiling oceans, with average temperatures floating around a hundred degrees Celsius.

Otonan is inhabited by a species of intelligent nudibranch, the sevan. These hardy people have armoured plating made of iron, gradually building up over their lifetime from the metallic water.


Otonan by Mochi

Volcanic regions of Otonan are easily visible. Otonan volcanoes expel rubelium crystals, which have dyed coastlines a bright red. Dotted landscapes are mostly volcanic islands and volcanic landmasses. Where volcanoes are absent, rocky terrain and supermassive geysers take their place.

Constant volcanic activity cause frequent tsunamis and other great waves. Life on the land is very adaptable, and most species are semi-aquatic to combat frequent flooding.

Underwater volcanoes are also common, scattered around deeper oceans. Massive shards of volcanic glass stick out of shallower waters, where violent eruptions have shot magma straight through the ground and into the ocean.

Volcanism is the most troubling aspect of life for the sevan. While they may be well-suited to these challenging conditions, that doesn't mean life is easy. Sevan spend a lot of their lives avoiding the most dangerous regions, searching for comfortable place to live. Their nomadic lifestyle is not one for most, and neither is Otonan.

Otonan is currently ranked 153rd on the most dangerous planets in the Milky Way, and for good reason. Want to seek refuge from the literal boiling oceans? Well you can't find that on land, unless you want volcanic eruptions and gases to choke you to death. That, or get eaten by menacing insectoid creatures, tens of metres in length.
— The Milky Way's Most Horrifying Planets, Vol. 1
Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
2 AU
Space Legion
Otonan Council
Location under
No. of Satellites
2 moons
Significant Natural Satellites
Adama, Hoei

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