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Zuheia is a perplexing planet in the Bloo System. Its singular moon, Zitia, is much larger than the planet itself. Zuheia's extraordinary gravitational field is thanks to occumancy, or gravity magic. Zuheia's moon is much more dense than itself.

Both Zuheia and Zitia are inhabited by the zatians. Native to Zitia, zatians have very recently developed space-faring technology, and have constructed small settlements on Zuheia.

Zuheia & Zitia

It is easy to mistake Zuheia for Zitia, and vice versa. How exactly Zitia remains in Zuheia's orbit remains a scientific mystery - this is because it relies on magic.

Occumancy is a confusing magical field that few completely understand. Even more advanced users fail to comprehend the more complex aspects of occumancy. Gravity magic defies all laws of physics, essentially writing its own.

Because of this scientific anomaly zatians have spent most of their history believing Zitia was orbited by Zuheia. It was only until their technology became advanced enough that they were able to observe the two from space, that they realised Zitia orbits Zuheia.

Honestly, I've stopped trying to figure out why this planet and this moon does what it does. I understand that magic is at fault, but the actual reasonings behind it boggle me. Anyways, I quit.
— Retired astronomist
Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
146.5 AU
Space Legion
Zuheia Space Legion
Location under
No. of Satellites
Significant Natural Satellites

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