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Uhanti is a planet in the Bloo System. One of three gas giants in the solar system, Uhanti is easily recognisable thanks to its black atmosphere and white rings.

On a dim day, the planet itself can barely be seen, while the white rings never fail to stand out.

Resisting the Oanie

Uhanti by Mochi

Uhanti's people have been through hard times, particularly in the last thirty years. The oanie, intergalactical colonisers, have attempted to take control of Uhanti several times.

Twenty five years ago, a biological weapon in the form of a potent virus was released upon Uhanti's population. This virus had a 90% kill rate, and millions passed. Compared to the seven billion population of Uhanti, the virus did little damage, but it was enough for the planet to launch investigations on this alien pathogen.

Eventually, the attack was traced back to the oanie and the planet launched a retaliation. The Uhanti Council discretely arranged for several wildfires to mysterious set alight in Karkhala's dense rainforest cities, which caused trillions in property damage.

A nasty back-and-forth occurred for twenty more years until the oanie finally surrendered. Each battle was done covertly, and while nothing was legal, nobody was charged for their crimes. Uhanti finally won and a tense, but civil, relationship formed between the two planets.

Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
150 AU
Space Legion
Uhanti Space Legion
Location under
No. of Satellites
Significant Natural Satellites
Bobert, Tuseden, Waiial

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