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The oanie are one of two intelligent species from Karkhala. Oanie are opportunistic, and have countless Trans-Planetary Corporations that have displaced trillions of people from their home planets. Oanie are hated by most, yet their power holds them above everyone else.


Aryel Summers by Mochi

The oanie are large, primate mammalians, with glossy orange fur, long arms and legs. The oanie have flat, dark grey faces, with skin-flaps on their cheeks which expand to be used to store food, water or air. They seem to carry a permanent smirk on their faces, coupled with tiny bright red eyes. Their faces and palms are the only parts of their bodies without fur, including their slender tails.

The oanie fluctuate in weight and size, most weighing around two hundred kilograms and standing at two metres tall. Their appearance can actually be compared to orangutans, a great ape species from Earth.


Their jaws are equipped with various types of teeth that enable consumption of a wide array of foods. Many foods are 3D printed, containing a perfect amount of the nutrients required for a healthy oanie combined with whatever flavours are most desired. Many oanie have a good understanding of what flavours work well with each other, and 3D printing their food allows for the most perfect meals to be created.

Before the oanie developed this technology, they mostly relied on processed foods made in factories across various planets, utilising resources not native and not accessible to Karkhala. Such foods include orca burgers; the oanie managed to obtain permission from Mars to establish a factory in the Southern Ocean of Earth to breed and kill orcas, or killer whales, a species of cetacean.

Reproduction & Growth

Oanie are marsupials, and they give birth painlessly to a baby no larger than a finnel bean. Two babies at a time will crawl into the pouch and suckle on the parent's teats for up to three months. The babies are very undeveloped at birth, and are only equipped with two claw-like appendaged to wade through the parent's fur to the pouch.

Parents encourage their children to fully leave the pouch at a year old. At this point, the child should barely fit in the pouch. Children usually live with their parents for twenty years, before leaving and finding another place to live. They don't become sexually mature until about twenty five years of age, and their gestation period is a two hundred and fifty days, or one and a half a years.

Home Planet

Karkhala has become a paradise for education and development, a catalyst itself. The more the oanie species lives here, the faster they develop and learn new skills. They are an entirely technological species, rejecting everything to do with magic, and they have transformed their planet into a striking blend of nature and architecture.

The rolling fields, thick jungles, freezing polars, are all lived in by the masses, in monolithic megacities that span hundreds upon hundreds of miles. Despite all of this, the planet is at no risk of climate change, pollution, or anything similar, since the oanie are smart enough to co-exist with the planet and its other lifeforms.


Here's where the oanie become horrible people. Since they are so smart, they believe other lifeforms less intelligent than them are inferior. They believe the entire Yonderverse is theirs to do with as they please, but they're smart enough to realise they can be overpowered, so they abide by the laws. They only take over Harvesting Planets where it is entirely legal to claim ownership, stripping the entire space marbles of their resources and forcing any inhabitants to seek refuge elsewhere.

While they cannot legally take ownership of an inhabited planet by native peoples, they will patiently wait hundreds of years for them to die out. If they take too long, the oanie have bioweapons and diseases to whip out and annihilate the planet with.


Ask anybody in the Yonderverse what they think of the oanie. They'll either respond "who?", or they'll say "they're a bunch of dicks". The oanie have spent hundreds of years forcing their way onto other planets, telling others what to do, releasing bioweapons on civilisations to wipe them out, just to take control of their planet and thieir resources, all to benefit their own lives and their home planet. Why do they do this? Many think it's to appease a higher being.

There is next to nobody in Districts 1 or 2 who enjoy the presense of the oanie, and for that reason they are shunned in space colonies, forced into the corners of space colonies even if the individuals had done no wrong.

Mention that fucking name again and I'll slap your tits into last week.
— Angry person who hates the oanie
Scientific Name
Pongo sapiens
130 years
Average Height
2 metres
Average Weight
200 kg
Geographic Distribution
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