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A-Planet 28C

A-Planet 28C is a large rogue A-Planet found in the centre of the Pereleos Galaxy of District 1. It is most famous for the Starside Pools, a tourist attraction set up by Seas The Day, a Karkhalan company.

Geography & Location


Overall, A-Planet 28C is fairly barren and flat. The hills that can be found on the asteroid are populated with small circular pools, with waterfalls and waterfloats flowing throughout them. In a large collection of pools, the Starside Pools was founded. and non-native plant life has been planted around the area which has caused a significant change in the local ecosystem.

One thing that separates this asteroid planet from others is that A-Planet 28C is covered in sand. Not just any sand, a soft, silky, black sand. This sand is a very rare colour, for it is almost pitch black.


The A-Planet is found almost in the direct centre of the Pereleos Galaxy, the largest galaxy in District 1. Because of this location, and the planet being located on the First Major Galactic Intersection, the asteroid sees an astonishing number of tourists, up to a billion in a year.

Karkhalan Conquering

Karkhala is a planet famous among District 1 planets and solar systems, because they like to claim any unclaimed land as their own. As soon as Seas The Day, a beach-themed travel & tourism company, discovered this A-Planet, they decided to transform it into a tourist destination, named Starside Pools as several stars and solar systems are clearly visible from its lodges.

Starside Pools' prime location and beautiful scenery make it one of the most popular places to go for rich people seeking a nice, relaxing holiday in somewhere warm, with amazing views. The location has even increased tourism in the surrounding planets, such as Bob, where other destinations owned by Seas The Day have been set up.


There are only four recorded species on A-Planets, and just one inhabits A-Planet 28C. Shorps are a large, photosynthivorous, deer-like creature that lives in large herds. They get their name from the sound they make when turning invisible. Their natural predators are godrills, but since they aren't naturally found on this A-Planet the shorp population has run rampant. The only thing stopping the shorp species from overpopulating on this asteroid is the culling of them by Karkhalan workers.

This practice is kept quiet from tourists, and most who hear about it disapprove since they believe it goes against the natural order.

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