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Pamela is the only star present in the AO5 System. Pamela is approximately 16 billion years old, and is one of the oldest recorded main sequence stars. It will be less than a billion years before it progresses along the Star Life Cycle and becomes a Red Giant.


Pamela was formed 16 billion years ago, when masses of dust and space debris clustered together to form a nebula. It remained in this state for 20 million years, after slowly increasing in mass as more debris surrounded an ever-increasing core of souls.

Pamela experienced a sudden increase in souls in its core, which caused the nebula to collapse in on itself and form a protostar. Just three hundred thousand years later, with another wave of souls, Pamela collapsed in on itself again and rapidly expanded, to form a main sequence star. Pamela is currently a main sequence star, and will remain one for just another billion years, before it should progress through the Star Life Cycle.

AO5 System

Pamela is the only star in the AO5 System. It is orbited by five planets, zero dwarf planets, and five labyrinth seas. Dave is sometimes considered a labyrinth sea, but its shape and its orbit leads scientists to classify it as a planet.


  • Steve
  • Mike
  • Greg
  • Bob
  • Dave
  • Labyrinth Seas

  • Rift Ocean
  • Okose Ocean
  • Ring Ocean
  • Athara Ocean
  • Okose Sea
  • Fauna & Flora

    Like most stars, there is little life in Pamela. One of the more common species are sunfins, large serpentine creatures that drink gold to survive. They swim along the large golden rivers flowing through Pamela, opening their large mouths to swallow as much gold as possible. Thankfully, the gold is magically regenerative, and the food supply will never run out.
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    I don't think I can express the fluff and cosiness that comes while reading this. XD   At the same time, I learned some stuff about the formation and life cycle of stars and read of sunfin serpents that drink gold from the golden rivers flowing through Pamela, which when combined with the immense light, the warmth and a tinge of spiritual high (the soules inside Pamela). The rivers being recreated magically, because why not? :D   What happens with the gold swallowed by the sunfins? Is it recreated on Pamela through magic or is part of a cycle in some other parts of the universe? What is the origin of the souls? And, can the bigger ones be divided into smaller ones?   Thanks for an interesting article. It was jam-packed with goodies. :D

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    I am so glad you enjoyed the article!   The gold is magically reborn in the rivers - I'm still thinking of how it works exactly, but that's for another time.   Souls appear when somebody dies, and with the amount of people in the Yonderverse at any one time that's a hell of a lot of souls. Souls float to space because they weigh nothing, and then they drift through space and clump together, which forms stars.   Thank you for liking and commenting, and all of the questions!

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