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Sun Spider

CW: Spiders, if you couldn't guess from the title.

Sun spiders are a megafauna species found incredibly rarely inside stars. They are apex predators of whatever stars they live in, slowly consuming the entire population and destroying the ecosystems entirely.


Sun spiders have an anatomy similar to other spider species. They possess two body parts; a small cephalothorax and an incredible large abdomen. They have four pairs of legs sticking out from their cephalothorax, each ending in a large sticky pad that allows them to walk amongst the large metal boulders that magically form close to the centre of the stars.

Sun spiders have a bright golden colouration, sprinkled with black and brown stripes and spots all over their abdomens. The older the spider is, the more noticeable these stripes and spots are, and the bigger they grow until the whole abdomen is black/brown.

Habitat & Reproduction

These practically weightless creatures live within stars. An asexually reproducing species, sun spiders will lay a singular egg within the core of the star, in the orb of souls. Sun spiders are also semelparous, meaning they only have one reproductive episode in their entire lifetime. This happens just before the spiders die, and the laying of the egg is what kills the creature off.

The egg will hatch, and the baby spider will spend its lifetime consuming the star, from the inside out. Once the star has been consumed in its entirety, and life orbiting said star has come to a horrifying end, the spider will go into a dormant state and float through space until it lands on another star. The spider will burrow into the core, and then lay its egg, and the life cycle continues.

1,000 years
Average Height
1 km
Average Length
1 - 1.5 km
Geographic Distribution

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Author's Notes

Thank you Qurilion for the idea!

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Dec 26, 2022 12:09

Oh ya I remember that system. What happened to it? Eaten by a Sun Spider? Damn!

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It's still alive! The spider is still a baby though, so the solar system only has about a few hundred years before it's gone xD

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