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Bob is a planet in the AO5 System. It is the fourth planet orbiting the sun Pamela. The planet is home to many sophonts and is popular with tourists from other planets, thanks to various travel companies.

Geography & Climate

As are all planets in District 1, the geography is very laxed. The ground on the planet is squishier than most other planets, and there is little gravity on the planet. The mountains on the planet are especially difficult to traverse; it is incredibly easy to slip off and slide down them. This is only an issue for foreigners, natives of the planet are equipped with suction-cup legs so they can walk up the mountains with ease.
There are 6 continents on the planet, each with unique biomes and climates.



The coldest continent on the planet, Malan sits right at the South Pole. The continent is exceptionally small, covering about 6 million kilometres. The continent is very rocky, with small hills dotting the mainland, snow covering every inch of it. The snow acts as a protective coat, as it never melts and is very soft. The snow layer ranged from 4 to 6 metres thick at most.


The most populous continent on the planet, Cashudra has thirteen cities, all with more than 40 million inhabitants. The continent easily has more than two billion inhabitants, thanks to an incredible leap in technology three hundred years ago, that allowed the people to live much more comfortably. The continent mostly consists of mushroom forests, blue tropical forests and purple fields, with rain every other day.


Eisau sits along a gigantic mountain range, the tallest mountain reaching 3,502m. "Gigantic" more refers to size, as the mountain stretches from one side of the continent to the other. Eisau is home to the most advanced settlement on the planet, having achieved space-travel.


Onoya is the largest continent on the planet. On the same mainland as Eisau and Casshudra, Onoya is mostly rainforest, as it covers a decent portion of the Equator. Onoya is home to various sapient species, such as the canopy-dwelling Eriuks and the cave-inhabiting Yunites. Onoya is the second most populated continent, with several of the world's megacities.


A relatively large continent, Autrel stretches from polar regions in the north to tropical regions in the south. Autrel sits on its own tectonic plate, the Autrel Plate, and therefore tectonic activity is found along all of the coasts on the continent.


Ushas is entirely within the Western and Northern Hemisphere. It shares a border with Malan, and is the second most northern continent. Ushas is home to the least amount of sapient species, yet is the second most populous continent, with 1.78 billion inhabitants. Ushas is a popular continent for tourism, as the mainland has some of the most beautiful terrain on the planet.


Bob has about 30 million identified fauna species, determined by authorities on Karkhala. Many of these species share similar attributes, such as weak telepathic or telekinetic abilities, a similar colour palette, and a jelly-like composition. Some of the most famous species on the planet include giggandas, which cause the despised Shaky Bones Syndrome, and birdlizards, creatures made entirely of air.

The flora on the planet share similar features to the fauna, such as a jelly-like composition and colour palette. Most of the flora on the planet are either blue, purple, or pink, with rare exceptions. These exceptions are much more valuable. Almost all of the flora on the planet can be consumed in some form, and it is not uncommon to see farmlands stretching for miles, growing a variety of crops.



Eriuks are a highly advanced jellyfish species. They live within the canopies of the rainforests of Onoya, and have good relations with all of their neighbours, including the Yunites that live just below them. Eriuks have a form of telekinesis that only works on trees, and they use this to form their houses. They carve holes in the trees, just large enough to fit themselves in to sleep, as homes are only used for sleeping, and nothing else.


Yunites inhabit the vibrant cave systems directly below the Eriuk settlements, in the rainforests of Onoya. Yunites feed on microorganisms that live on the crystals in the caves, which they make their houses from. The crystals are tough, and so are very handy to build out of.

Interplanetary Relations


A planet that seems to know every single other planet in the Yonderverse, Karkhala even mingles with those outside its District. Bob is one of the many planets Karkhala has preyed on; the planet has set up any tourist sites for foreigners to come and spend their money at, while only a small portion actually goes to Bob, despite the resources used to make the tourist attractions originated on Bob.


Another planet from the AO5 Solar System, Greg was the first planet the Uuyarians explored. As Greg had no native sapient species to communicate with, the Uuyarians immediately declared Greg an ally planet.


Like a lot of planet in District 1, Bob is popular with tourists thanks to its outstanding beauty and unmatched safety. According to mythology, District 1 was designed by Aavar to be harmless, not only the environments, but the fauna and flora as well. People from all over flock to Bob and its neighbouring planets to enjoy a peaceful vacation, surrounded by squishy mountains and hills, pristine oceans, and glistening sunsets.
10/10 holiday from me. Never have I experienced such peace and calm in my life. I spent most of my week lounging around on the beach, watching the birdlizards as they float about, the tiny little creatures on the sand that like to bring me gifts. I'm taking those gifts home as well. I recommend this place for families of all ages and sizes; there is something here for everyone.
— Review from a Seas The Day brochure, a beach-themed travel company

Space Legion

Bob's Space Legion is the laughing-stock of the Space Legions in the Pereleos Galaxy. No matter their tactics, the Bob Space Legion seems to never be taken seriously. Even if most other space legions are against Karkhala, they seem to disregard the predatory planet's actions against Bob.

Despite this, the Bob Space Legion has made many attempts to have Karkhala and all of its citizens under planetary arrest. Unfortunately it has led nowhere, since Karkhala always abides the laws or finds loopholes, so technically they are doing no wrong, even if they have less morals than the chaos queen.

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10 AU
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