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Mountain Wrangler

Alright, just follow me up this path and we'll be good. Stay away from the birdlizards, they get grumpy when you touch them and they'll try and peck you, but they're made of air so they don't really do much.
Mountain wranglers are those who lead their people through the squishy mountains of the planet Bob. They have an important role as leaders of their settlements, but their jobs aren't too difficult as the mountains are squishy and one of the least dangerous places on the planet.



Mountain wranglers guide the people of their settlement around the mountains, on long trips to harvest food. On Bob, a lot of harvestable plants cannot be regrown, and you must venture out to collect their fruits, which gave birth to the mountain wrangler profession and the mountain harvest ritual.

Mountain wranglers will keep close watch of everybody on the mountain harvest, making sure nobody goes out of their sight, just in case they fall into danger. It is unlikely, being on a District 1 planet.

Social Status

Mountain wranglers are the leaders of the settlements. They travel with the group that is selected to partake in the mountain harvest, and makes sure nobody gets lost.

When the wranglers are not taking care of those harvesting in the mountain, they are taking care of their village, running it as any leader would. Everybody knows the mountain wranglers well, and most of them get along great with the people in the village.


Fruit Picker

In their backpacks are about twenty fruit pickers. These are used to pick fruits, if you could guess, as the jellyfish people of Bob don't have strong enough hands to pick fruits. Mountain wranglers hand out fruit pickers before they leave to the mountains to harvest fruits, and are only used for this occasion.


Attached to the wrangler's back, the backpack contains every single item the mountain wrangler might want on the mountain harvest. Fruit pickers are always carried, but sometimes other items are brought if certain fruits are desired. Backpacks are horrifyingly made of jellyfish skin, the part of the jellyfish that molt are weaved together to create a backpack that looks as if it is part of their body.
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