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District 1

District 1 is one of three Districts in the Yonderverse, the others being District 2 and District 3. District 1 is commonly interpreted as the least dangerous District. This is true for the most part; the majority of geographic locations, peoples and animals in District 1 are seemingly harmless or docile. There is no scientific explanation for this, but many believe various deities crafted the Yonderverse this way.


District 1 is the farthest district from the Centre of the Yonderverse. It can be accessed from District 2 through the Galactic Highway, with several main roads that lead through the Porous Wall.

Significant Galaxies & Galactic Clusters

Pereleos Galaxy

The Pereleos Galaxy is the largest galaxy in District 1. Home to three hundred billion stars, and at least that many planets, the galaxy is located almost in the direct centre of District 1. The galaxy has 16 spiral arms, which is four times the average for a spiral star system.

Ichthaean Galaxy

The Ichthaean Galaxy is the densest galaxy in District 1. It is barely smaller than the Pereleos Galaxy, yet has over five times as many stars, at just over 16 hundred billion stars. The Ichthaean Galaxy is also the outermost galaxy of the Golden Street.

Golden Street

The Golden Street is a stream of galaxies in District 1. With 190 galaxies, it is the third smallest galactic cluster in the entire District, despite housing the Pereleos Galaxy, the largest galaxy in District 1. The Golden Street is named after the golden glow it produces, that can be seen from extremely far away.

Cultural Perception

The majority of the people in the Yonderverse look at District 1 with relaxation in mind. Tourism companies and corporations drool at the sight of the planets and galaxies in District 1 due to the native people's docile and harmless natures. Trillions upon trillions of vacation spots and sites are available for low prices, as many planets lack any native sophonts and therefore can be owned by any other corporation.
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  • Aeihera Galaxy
  • Ekaeal Galaxy
  • Galhar Galaxy

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  • AO5 System
  • Iralas System
  • Tritegawa System


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