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Chrome Glass

Chrome glass is a nigh-indestructable glass type used rarely in architecture and infrastructure. The glass is difficult to manufacture and extremely rare to come across in nature, hence its scarcity.


Chrome glass is formed under very strict circumstances. The glass is formed during neotheric volcanic eruptions. Neotheric volcanoes are one that produce their own chloroplasts in the volcanic ash, which mixes with lava and when it rapidly cools, chrome glass is formed. Neotheric volcanoes are extremely rare on planets, and no more than one or two exist on a single planet.

On the moon Cristali of planet Dave, thousands of mysterious golems line the ground. They are clearly thousands of years old, all overgrown and coated in thick vines and flowers, and the origin of these statues remains a mystery.

The uuyurians of Bob frequently use chrome glass in their architecture, as the glass is artificially manufactured by increasing volcanic activity.

Uuyurian Golem by Mochi
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