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What was a paradise has now turned into an abandoned, neglected, disease-ridden planet. Cvorvatis is one of hundreds of planets in the Galanti Cluster. Galanis Furora, a super-powered cyborg with a traumatic past, founded the Galanti League, an organisation dedicated to protecting the Galanti League from dangerous forces.

Cvorvatis is now plagued with millions of fatal diseases, toxic environments, and mutated organisms. The Cvorvatian Brainworm consumes brain matter in certain organisms, and forms a functional brain in those that lack one.

Geography, Location & Climate

Much of the planet is now neglected, yet it was once a sprawling planet of vibrant biomes. The North Pole was once a frozen landscape, much of it melted, sheets of ice floating alone in the cold waters. Massive oil spills from various extraction sites have caused significant damage to ecosystems, destroying 98% of cold ocean coral reefs.

Cvorvatian Forest by Mochi

The untouched wilderness of Cvorvatis can be found around the Equator. Despite being the closest position to Primordi, the star Cvorvatis orbits, the wilderness rarely reaches more than ten degrees Celsius.

Nomads that still wander this planet claim the wilderness to be haunted, spirits of the deceased lurking in wait for its next victim.

Vast expanses of forest around the continent Menopa have been desertified, after its original inhabitants cleared out over twenty billion trees, completely annihilating the environment and all species within.

Planet's End

63 years ago the planet was subjected to a series of truly devastating attacks. The oanie, completely out of nowhere, sent fleets of their finest spacecrafts to wipe out the largest trade cities of Cvorvatis. Successfully killing over thirty million inhabitants, the entire planet broke down, its people forced to flee or go into hiding.

Over a billion cvorvatians managed to escape to neighbouring planets, several million still surviving in the desolate remains. These attacks killed civilisation and the planet as a whole. Temperatures rose due to radiation, causing many fragile ecosystems to collapse. 60% of glaciers had melted in five years after the attacks, cities abandoned, leaving decrepit sewage systems to leech into the ground. Most stillwater lakes and rivers have become toxic, incapable of supporting much life.

Despite the lengths that the oanie went to rid Cvorvatis of its people and claim the planet as their own, they still do not have the rights to this location. Due to billions surviving the attacks, many still living on the planet, the Anti-Planet Poaching Law prevents the oanie from claiming Cvorvatis.

Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
51.2 AU
Space Legion
Location under
No. of Satellites
Significant Natural Satellites
Ipiti, Kho'rui, Tenantes, Yvele

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