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Harvesting Planet

A harvesting planet is a special subtype of planet, characterised by a lack of any native intelligent species, for a least a year in the planet's seasonal calendar. These planets are targeted by Trans-Planetary Corporations.


The term was founded fifteen thousand years ago. It referred to any planet that didn't have any intelligent species living on them. When the term was invented, these planets were often taken control of by other planets and organisations, stripped bare of their precious resources, or turned into inhabitable spaces for overpopulated species.

At the time, it was completely legal to take control of a planet with inhabiting sophonts. When the "harvesting planet" term was coined, the anti-planet poaching law was put into place. This meant that any planet with extant native sophonts cannot be controlled by an external government, and the planet can only be claimed if there are no native sophonts for at least one year in the planet's seasonal calendar.


In the database on Utopia that documents all planets in Aavar's River, those that are Harvesting Planets are attached with a small symbol. The symbol is used to quickly identify planets without any native sophonts, and ones that can potentially be claimed.

Only governments and Space Legions have access to this list, but even then the list is abused. The creator of this symbol is unknown, but it was first seen used about a thousand years.

Harvesting Planet
Harvesting Planet Symbol by Mochi
Geographic Location | Apr 14, 2024

Planets are large celestial bodies, commonly found in close proximity to stars. They are the infrastructure of Aavar's River; almost all sophontic life has, will, and continues, to evolve on planets.


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