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Space Legion

Space Legions are a common organisation tied to planets. Most planets that have populations of their native species in the depths of space, amongst various colonies, will have their own Space Legion. Together, different Space Legions will pass new laws and legislations for the people of space, and some have had an extraordinary impact.

It is important to remember that Space Legions can only create new laws for their home galaxy; they have zero power over other galaxies.

Laws & Legislations

Laws are put in place for absolutely anything. Each galaxy has its own laws in space, and these are implemented by Space Legion. Firstly, laws are designed and suggested by Lawmakers, a group of fourteen in each Space Legion. These people can spend as much time as they need to concoct a new law. Once they have settled on an idea, it is taken to the Enforcers. If the Enforcers feel happy with this law, it is passed on to the Head Legional. If they are happy with it, it is taken to the Galactic Law Enforcer. This person is the only person above a Space Legion, and oversees every single law and legislation in their galaxy.

Different Space Legions may focus on different things to enforce laws on. For example, the Dave Space Legion in the Pereleos Galaxy has enforced several laws on the protection of native ecosystems in the galaxy, as well as protecting many endangered species from being hunted.

Planetary & Satellite Bases

Each Space Legion will have two main bases of operations. One is typically found in an urban part of their home planet, while the other is found in orbit of their home planet, either situated on another celestial object or formed as its own artificial satellite.

Their satellite base is exclusively used as a means of communication. Large sound transmitters can receive calls from other planets millions of light years away, and communication can happen instantaneously. As well, the artificial satellite base has access to Utopia, if they don't fancy sonar communication.

Their planetary bases are used for the creation of new laws and legislations. Not only this, but any members of other Space Legions are invited to this base for gatherings. Some planets also like to open their planetary base to the public a handful of times a year.


There are typically seventeen members of a Space Legion. Overseeing individual Legions is the Head Legional. The Head Legional has little say in new laws, but if they think that suggested laws will have a negative impact on society as a whole, they can ban it. Head Legionals are rotated between 5 different members, each staying in power for 3 years at a time. When it is time for a new Head Legional, a member is picked randomly so there is every chance one person can stay in power for 15 years, and another can never be picked.

Below the Head Legional are the Enforcers. The Enforcers are essentially the marketing team of the Space Legion. The three Enforcers are tasked with befriending other Space Legions and forming allies that can greatly benefit them. Enforcers are carefully picked, based on a number of factors such as overall charm, general attractiveness, and social abilities among others.

The other fourteen members in an individual Space Legion are tasked with coming up with new laws and legislations. Before they can be authorised, they are sent to the Enforcers who make sure that the law will only have positive effects on society. If the Enforcers decide this is the case, it is sent to the Head Legional. Unfortunately, bias, blackmailing and corruption are seen fairly often in Space Legions, and so often new laws that are put in place do indeed have negative effects on certain groups of people.

Space Legion Gatherings

Many Space Legions organise small gatherings as a show of peace and alliance. Members of different Space Legions are encouraged to bond, to show their fidelity and loyalty to keeping the peace. Maintaining alliances is a huge part of Space Legion culture, and it makes for laws to be passed more easily.

Many gatherings are hosted on a single planet, typically the host's. Invited members from other planets are encouraged to dive into the host planet's cultures and learn various customs. This form of bonding isn't limited to Space Legions, and is seen throughout the galaxy as more people migrate to other planets to live permanently. Space Legions also have influence over this, and often when people move from one planet to another it is because their Space Legions are allies.

Peace Keep

The Peace Keep is one of the largest buildings in Aavar's River. It can be found clinging to the Porous Wall, a monumental landmark that splits Districts 1 and 2. The building was constructed as a place where members of various Space Legions can gather to discuss implementing or removing new laws and legislations.

It is a large white and black building, roughly three hundred metres tall. The main conference room is directly accessed from the main entrance, two bright red doors etched with the portrait of President Malfac, the founder of Space Legions.


The founding of Space Legions dates back three thousand years. The very first Space Legion was created by Son Malfac, immortalised as President Malfac when he passed away. The very first Space Legion was for the planet Exxens, a now extinct planet from the Milky Way. Son Malfac was an Etherian, a highly intelligent species that still exists today.

The planetary base for the Exxens Space Legion was the Peace Keep, which was moved to the Porous Wall when the thousandth Space Legion was assembled. The idea of Space Legions was very popular when it was first spread through the galaxies, and as planets were looking for a stable form of lawmaking, they jumped to the idea.

Thousands upon thousands of planets piggybacked onto the idea, and so the Peace Keep was transported to the Porous Wall and expanded, turning it into a place for Galactic Law Enforcers and other members of differen Space Legions to gather and discuss recent events.

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