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Cilvarthians are the only sapient species native to Cilvarth. They are humanoid mammal species, reaching upwards of 1.9 metres in height, and have a pale blue skin. They inhabit both continents Aurea and Jisefea, and are a space-faring species, with highly advanced technology. Every cilvarthian culture revolves around tea plants and tea, as the family of plants are the most common on the planet. Tea is a widely popular drink, not just on Cilvarth but across the Yonderverse.


Cilvarthian anatomy is fairly simple, as some humanoid species are. They boast the traditional number of arms and legs, one pair of each, with a long feathered tail extending from the bottom of their necks. Their tail is used to keep their necks, their most vulnerable body part, protected from the cold.

Distinctive Features
  • Tail attached to the neck, used to wrap around their necks during the cold.
  • Pale blue skin, shimmering in the light.
  • Cilvarthians that live in Aricos and the Silver Desert have lost their tail feathers, and those that have adapted to the heat over many generations have a flatter tail, used to block the sun from their eyes. They also have black stripes around their eyes, to reduce glare from the sun.


    Cilvarthian diets greatly differ depending on the location and culture. Typically cilvarthians are omnivorous, consuming a diet made mostly of plant material, but also various meats, both raw and cooked. In terms of drinking, cilvarthians mostly consume tea. They are able to get all the water they need from the tea, as well as other nutrients from different tea plants.


    Unlike most other sapient species in the Yonderverse, cilvarthians are semelparous. When cilvarthians reach 50 or so years old, considered elderly, both sexes will have the desire to reproduce. This is different from general sexual desires, as reproductive desires are usually much stronger.

    After mating, thirty eggs will be laid. Cilvarthians are one of the only mammal species on the planet to lay eggs, and are a monotreme. The laying of these eggs takes a great toll on the cilvarthian's body, and will permanently reduce their mobility.

    Society & Culture


    No matter how different cilvarthian cultures are, and they certainly are, they share one similarity: their love for tea. Tea plants are the most plentiful plant species on the Cilvarth, and they come in literal millions of varieties. Tea plants are celebrated, worshipped, valued, across the globe. These plants are turned into food, tea drinks, clothing, you name it. Different cultures and populations of cilvarthians use different tea plants, and typically have a "mascot" tea plant. For example, those that live in Seacos have the coral tea plant as their mascot plant, as they grow in their millions along the rocky shores of the Horn of Jisefea.
    55 - 60 years
    Average Height
    1.9 metres
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