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Cilvarth is the sixth planet orbiting Afuph in the Kurhira System. It is most known for the inhabiting Cilvarthians, who have a particular interest in everything related to tea.

Geography, Location & Climate


Aurea is the western continent, and contains the Silver Desert and both of rainforests of this planet. Aricos is the largest city in Aurea, with a population of about 1.4 million. Aricosians grow every single desert tea plants, selling them to not only other cities on the planet but also to people from other planets.

Silver Desert

One of the most beautiful locations on Cilvarth, the Silver Desert is found in the south of Aurea, the western continent. One would just expect the sand to appear silvery in colour, but in fact the desert sand contains tiny specks of silver that are so abundant they have changed the colour of the entire desert.

Silver has no use to the people of this planet, since their lives are revolved around tea, but corporations from other planets love the desert and try to steal as much silver as they can, much to the dismay of the people in the desert as it ruins the beauty of the landscape.


Out of the two continents, Jisefea produces the most tea. With most of the continent built as farmlands, tea plants are grown at immense rates, and hundreds of species are grown.

The capital city, Lancos, is the largest city on the planet, with about 6 million citizens calling it home. Lancos is a very green city, as every single roof without exception is used to grow even more tea plants, and rarely other plants.

Giant Flower Fields

The most common place to find the magnificent whale bees, the giant flower fields are abundant in Jisefea. In fact, it is hard to find yourself in a place where a giant flower isn't visible, partially because they are so large and partially because they grow literally everywhere. You'll mostly find these giant flowers growing in miles wide flower fields, both naturally occurring and grown by people. Depending on where you are in the world, many different flowers grow, and these flowers always have a "species pair", where the same species also grows but at a much smaller size.

Middle Mountains

The Middle Mountains, if you could guess, split the landmass into two parts, or the two continents, directly in the middle. These mountains are composed of a crystal material infused into the rocks, and during the daytime the mountains become so blindingly bright from sunlight that they are impossible to look out without protective glasses. Luckily all settlements close to the mountains sell these glasses, and they are rather cheap.

Glacier Isles

The northernmost archipelago on Cilvarth are the Glacier Isles. These islands house hundreds of glaciers, that all are present with a slightly tea flavour. These glaciers taste of tea as the ground they form on solely grow tea plants, and the flavour has seeped into the ice. These islands grow a rare species of flower known as icy starflowers, with their giant form growing up to 30 metres.

Autumn Isles

The Autumn Isles are located just southeast of the Glacier Isles. A handful of islands within the archipelago, it is the only place where red, orange, brown and yellow trees grow year-round.

The Autumn Isles are home to a variety of animal species, most of which have a similar colour scheme to the plants, as the vegetation causes changes in the animal's appearances, like many animals.


There is an incredible amount of life on Cilvarth, thanks to the great range in climates and environments. Many animals live in harmony with environments, benefitting them in some way. Whale bees are hyper-pollinators, capable of pollinating a thousand times more than any other animal on the planet. Most life on the planet is rather delicate and friendly, even if their menacing appearances suggests otherwise.

Moth hawks are a nectar drinking bird species found across the flower fields of the planet. These animals behave like birds of prey, gliding in the air high up as if they are looking for prey, but moth hawks are just doing this because they enjoy looking at the fields of giant flowers.

Autumn crabs are a crustacean species living in the colder climates of the Autumn Isles. These creatures come in a variety of colours, mostly reds, oranges, browns and yellows with the occasional purple and green. Their delicious meat has caused the people to farm them, and now they are an endangered species.

Teacup crabs are another crustacean species found around the Silver Desert. These crabs make popular pets as they are easy to care for. The people of Aricosia like to have competitions where the crab with the best teacup home, designed by themselves, wins. An oddly competitive sport, the winner is highly regarded in society. Cilvarth is known to have a high percentage of crustaceans and decapods, with 13% of all of their lifeforms falling under this subphylum.


The planet's unique tea-centric cultures attracts lots of tourists, and it's a good job the cilvarthians are a friendly species. They are so hospitable that many of their tourist hot-spots feature hotels and other hospitalities designed for those from other planets. Most small settlements main incomes are tourism, so they are specifically designed to appease to visitors.

The most popular cities to visit are without a doubt the Big Three: Aricos, Lancos, and Seacos. These three settlements have some of the longest and most interesting histories of any settlement on the planet, which attracts curious tourists.

Space Legion

The Cilvarth Space Legion is fairly well known within the Milky Way Space Legion Community. First debuting three hundred years before present day on Cilvarth, the Space Legion immediately began implementing solar-system wide regulations. Various substances became illegal to transport within the Kurhira System's borders, as a particular hallucinogenic substance, czaren, had infiltrated its way onto most planets.

This Space Legion has a very good reputation. The regulations the Legion has implemented has only had positive impacts on society.

Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
6.9 AU from Afuph

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