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Catoblepon's Curse

Catoblepon's Curse is one of the most horrific diseases known to man. Nobody knows how this curse is caught, only that it cannot be undone and it will absolutely ruin your life. This unfortunate condition is limited to the planet Cilvarth, as sightings of catoblepon are frequent in the Silver Desert.


The specific cause for Catoblepon's Curse is not currently confirmed, however there are speculations. The most popular theory is based on the mythical creature catoblepon. This beast's head is so heavy that it cannot lift it up, and instead drags it along the ground wherever it walks, as it trods endlessly around the Silver Desert.

Many people believe that when you look into the eyes of catoblepon, you will be cursed with Catoblepon's Curse. This will curse you for the rest of your life, your head constantly increasing in weight, so much that you cannot lift it, like the catoblepon.

Heavy Heads

The most significant symptom of Catoblepon's Curse is one's head continually increasing in weight. In the first few weeks of attaining the curse this symptom may not be apparent, but cursed individuals will start to feel a heavy head. After about a month, one's head will feel incredibly heavy, and at some point it will be impossible to lift their head up.

At this point, cursed individuals will require external care to survive. Typically one will use a CHH, or Cato Head Holder. These technologies are essentially wheelchairs with the ability to prop one's head up, no matter how heavy it is.


Since the official cause of Catoblepon's Curse is not currently known, there is no confirmed prevention for it. The best suggestion for avoiding and preventing this disease is to simply be careful if one was to explore the Silver Desert. Catoblepon supposedly avoids populated areas and large civilisations, hence why barely anybody has seen them.

Crazed conspiracists surrounding catoblepon and its curse have caused the concoction of the Anti-Catoblepon Goggles. These goggles don't actually do anything other than block excess sunlight, but the fear of catching the curse convinces plenty of people to purchase these worthless items.

Affected Species
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Author's Notes

This article is inspired by the incredible Catoblepon. They are a huge inspiration, supporting my CSS endeavours and helping out whenever I need it. As well, they write some of the coolest conditions on World Anvil, and motivate me to make my own. Thank you Cato!

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