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Catoblepon is one of the scariest mythical monsters from Cilvarth. This monster's head is so heavy that it cannot lift it from the ground, and if you look at catoblepon in its eyes you will be forever cursed.


Catoblepon is a mythical beast that greatly resembles a very large wild boar. Reports vary, but generally this creature is described as much taller than a regular person, a person standing at just under two metres. It has a stocky build, with dark brown fur. There are zero official images of catoblepon, and anatomical descriptions are purely based on stories and accounts.


Catoblepon is supposedly found wandering the Silver Desert on Cilvarth. It wanders far from any settlement, as it cannot stand cilvarthians. Many people believe that catoblepon is jealous of those able to lift their heads up off the ground, and curses those who look into its eyes so their heads become too heavy to handle.

Catoblepon's Lair is found deep within the Silver Desert. Menacing sandstorms circle the lair, supposedly with minds of their own, minds that desire havoc and destruction. According to legends, a pair of sandstorms, named Era and Alia actively chase down adventurers, dragging their suffocated corpses down deep into Catoblepon's Lair for a snack.

Catoblepon's Curse

Catoblepon's Curse is a greatly feared, detrimental condition. The heads of those inflicted will slowly increase in weight, and will continue to increase until the inflicted dies. Since catoblepon's existence is not confirmed, nobody knows without a doubt what causes this condition.

Those with the curse are looked at with pity in society, especially since the condition is so rare. Most people with the condition start charities to raise money for treatment into the condition, however since it is so rare there is little point in searching for a cure, which has proved to be extremely difficult.

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Catoblepon's Curse

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Author's Notes

This article is inspired by the incredible Catoblepon. They are a huge inspiration, supporting my CSS endeavours and helping out whenever I need it. As well, they write some of the coolest conditions on World Anvil, and motivate me to make my own. Thank you Cato!

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