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Rattle Fern

Rattle ferns are a plant species found worldwide on Nalmaria. These plants grow in all types of conditions and climates, and are a common species.


Rattle ferns grow to a maximum of 5 feet. The most significant aspect of rattle ferns are the seed sacs that form at the base of the pinnules, or leaves. These seed sacs grow to about half a centimetre in diameter, and are a yellowish-orange colour. The actual pinnas and pinnules are a deep red, fading into white at the tips of each pinnule.


Rattle ferns are found worldwide, as they can survive in a range of climates. Able to survive without rain for up to 10 weeks, they can thrive in some of the driest locations on Nalmaria. They are most common in the Habitable Zone, where they are the most common plant species, as there is frequent rainfall and winds that carry seeds for miles.


After the seeds have planted themselves in sand or soil, it will take approximately two weeks for a small, pink sprout to appear. It takes about 5 more weeks for the plants to grow to their mature size.
Once fully grown and three weeks later, seeds will start to sprout. The seed sacs will grow first, and after seeds will grow, swelling up the sac.


After the Kavaari landed on the planet in their spacecrafts, strong winds flew countless amounts of rattle fern seeds into the vehicles. As they travelled from planet to planet, seeds would slip out of the spacecrafts undetected and plant themselves in the soil. Most died due to toxic climates, but on very rare occassions the seeds can survive.


While rattle ferns have no use to people on Nalmaria, these plants are very valuable elsewhere. On Cilvarth, rattle ferns grow in the Whispering Woods where the ever-present mist waters the plants. Those that grow on the outskirts of the forest where the mist doesn't drive people insane, the seed sacs are harvested by Cilvarthians. The seeds are fried in flower oil and then eaten as snacks.
6 - 8 years
Average Height
5 feet

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