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Habitable Zone

CW: Spiders

The Habitable Zone is a small island southwest of the Scorched Lands. The Habitable Zone is named as such for it is the only place on the planet that hostilins, giant spiders, cannot be found.

Geography, Location & Climate

To the northwest, the Habitable Zone is a very flat landscape. The hills in the southeast are visible from the northwest coast, and atop the hills is a large statue, approximately 50 metres in height.
This statue is of a Kavaari, an extinct highly-intelligent species that searched the Yonderverse for a new home after their planet was destroyed. Everywhere the Kavaari went, they left a giant statue as remembrance.
It is unknown if this statue is what scares away the hostilins, but it is a working theory.
The Habitable Zone ranges in temperatures, an average of between 12 and 20℃. The island sees a lot of rain, and as a result plant species thrive here.

Fauna & Flora


Almost every single other animal species on Nalmaria lives within the Habitable Zone, thanks to the lack of hostilins. Some species include suterrans, miniscule rodents that digest rocks and excrete nutrients, magril hogs, miniscule hoofed mammals that feed solely on magril plants, and terivores, inch-long parasitic worms that bury themselves inside plants.


There is an impressive amount of flora species in the Habitable Zone, thanks to an appropriate climate and frequent rainfall.

Rattle ferns are one of the most common plant species; they are fast-growers and are comfortable in most climates. Their seeds produce rattling sounds in the winds, and in stronger winds break apart and float in the air to new locations, where they grow and spread.

Location under
Inhabiting Species


The Habitable Zone was named after the Kavaari discovered the planet Nalmaria. After landing somewhere in the Deadlands, the Kavaari quickly learnt of the presence of hostilins and fled to another part of the planet. They just so happened to land in the Habitable Zone, the only place where hostilins could not be found. Not approving of this planet as a place of refuge for their species, the Kavaari fled, leaving behind a giant statue of their emperor. At the bottom of the statue is a sign that reads "Habitable Zone. Attempt 1382."

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