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The Deadlands is the largest landmass on Nalmaria. It is known to be incredibly difficult for most species to live in, thanks to the presence of hostilins.

Geography, Location & Climate

Being the largest landmass on the planet, the Deadlands forms the entire Western Hemisphere. It is a relatively thin continent, with the largest peninsula in Nalmaria in the southeastern corner. In the southwest is what can only be described as a zigzag, while to the northwest are several notable islands, some of which contain entire mountain ranges.

The Deadlands have a range of mountains, large hills, plateaus, valleys and gorges which appear scattered throughout the landmass. There are no continents, but the activity inside the core of the planet from the Queen hostilin have caused shifts on the crust, creating geological features seen today.

Volcanic mountain ranges have started to form in the southwest and the northeast. The oceans of silk and spiders are slowly pulling this continent apart, causing magma to rise up in great amounts and forming these mountains.

It is a relatively cold environment, reaching an average of 3℃ during summers, decreasing by 20℃ during winters. The climate shifts drastically between seasons, but for the last thousand or so years, this shift has stayed exactly the same. The only times the environment increases is when magma bubbles up to the surface and creates small pockets of lava which quickly harden.



Long before hostilins existed, the Deadlands was a flourishing environment. Ecosystems were rich and diverse, and countless species called the lands home. When hostilins began to evolve, they quickly rose to the peak of the food chains and webs, and the weight of their existences caused them to crumble. They adapted too fast and became too skilled of hunters and other species could not adapt fast enough.

The Deadlands quickly became void of life, the only surviving species becoming much smaller to evade these monolithic arachnids. 3 million years ago, the kavaari landed a spacecraft on Nalmaria. These ancient beings were in search of a new planet to call home, after their old one became uninhabitable thanks to a viral outbreak. They named this landmass the "Deadlands" after its seemingly lack of life, and the name stuck.

Fauna & Flora

Hostilins dominate the Deadlands, as well as every other location on the planet aside from the Habitable Zone. While there are very few hostilins on land compared to in the silk nest, there is an estimate of 12,000 hostilins in the Deadlands at any one time.

Aside from hostilins, there are still quite a few animal species. Net spiders among many other small invertebrates call the undergrowth home, while creatures like axebats live in cave systems, about the only place in the Deadlands the hostilins can't get to.

The Deadlands is not named for its lack of life - it is rich in flora. From attic trees to diamond grass, there is no shortage of vibrant plants. The Deadlands displays far more drab flora though, with 90% of its flora species either yellow, brown or grey.

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