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Seacos (See-coss)

Seacos is one of the Big Three cities on Cilvarth. Located on the Horn of Jisefea, it is the northernmost city in the Big Three. Seacos is most famous for its bright and bubbly architecture.


Size & Sprawl

Seacos has a population of 1.23 million, making it the third largest city on the planet. Seacos is a very large city for its size, twice the size of Aricos with a population of 1.4 million. Seacos has many tall apartment complexes which has created a much denser city.


Seacos is inhabited almost solely by cilvarthians, as they are the only sapient species on the planet. There is a small population of metraphites, a sapient gastropod species from Ivucarro. A small group of metraphites sought refuge after their home settlement was destroyed, and instead of finding another place on their home planet they fled to Cilvarth, where they landed close to Seacos and quickly adapted to the changed climate. This race of metraphites are known as the Seacosites, named after the very settlement they call home.

Districts & Divisions

Seacos is divided into three districts: Mountain Seacos, Coastal Seacos, and Southern Seacos. Each district is defined by its geography. Unsurprisingly, Mountain Seacos is constructed on a higher altitude, Coastal Seacos is constructed on a flat, coastal location, and Southern Seacos simply refers to the rest of the city which just happens to be the very south of the settlement.

Mountain Seacos

Mountain Seacos is the least populated district of Seacos. Mountain Seacos has a population of around 200,000, not so close behind Southern Seacos at 420,000. Mountain Seacos is distinguished from the other two districts of Seacos as it is located at a higher altitude. The only way to access this part of the city is through a chairlift or by taking a train; the chairlift is purely to enjoy the surroundings more, as the trains tunnel through the ground for most of the journey and offer no interesting sights, aside from dusty grey bricks of the underground tunnels.

Coastal Seacos

Coastal Seacos is the most populated district of Seacos, at around 600,000 inhabitants. Coastal Seacos is located on the coast, if you could not guess. The district is cut off from the other two districts as it is situated on a tidal island. During low tides, you can walk across the warm, wet sands, but during high tides it is impossible to cross, as the water flows at high speeds. Instead, the same train system that takes you to and from Mountain Seacos can also take you to Coastal and Southern Seacos.

Southern Seacos

Southern Seacos enjoys a bright blend of colourful flowers, rolling meadows, grazing farm animals and of course giant crop fields. Southern Seacos constantly features on Seacos Central's Magazine as the "most beautiful sight on the planet". Southern Seacos is inhabited by many old folk who enjoy the relaxed lifestyle, and the streets are often filled with market stalls selling a number of interesting unique, personal artifacts, and lots of tea of course.

Layout & Geography

Because of the way Seacos is laid out, it is an incredibly expansive city. The city is split into the three districts, each requiring a train system to get to them. Because of this, the geography the city is situated on greatly alters. To nobody's surprise, Mountain Seacos is located on a mountainside, on the Jisefean Mountain Range that blocks off the Horn of Jisefea from the rest of the continent.

Coastal Seacos is situated on a large tidal island, which is split off from the rest of the city during times of high tides. Coastal Seacos is a very flat portion of the city, reaching a maximum of one metre above sea level during high tides. Parts of Coastal Seacos flood during high tides, but mechanisms to prevent much of this are in place and effective.

Fortifications & Defenses

The Jisefean Mountain Range is considered the city's best defence. It prevents easy access from the other side of the mainland, while several watchtowers sit at the tops of the mountains, disguised. These watchtowers contain several guards each on constant duty, to prevent surprise ambushes and attacks.

With a coastline on the other side of the city, it is impossible for ships and boats approaching Seacos to go unnoticed. The several ports around Coastal Seacos allow for docking of permitted boats, of which you require a Boating License to park.

Landmarks & Monuments

Seacos Lighthouse

Constructed in 1592, Seacos Lighthouse was one of the first buildings in the city, back when it was just a small town. Seacos Lighthouse became the most familiar sight to the town, as the grand structure stood more than twice as tall as any other building in the area. Its bright yellow and black bricks make it stand out from other landmarks in the city, and even today it stands as the tallest building in Southern Seacos.

Mountainside Watchtower

The Mountainside Watchtower was the largest of the eight watchtowers aligning the Jisefean Mountain Range. It was the first watchtower to be constructed, and served as a blueprint for the others. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in 2001, after the tiniest of asteroids, no bigger than one's hand, collided with the watchtower. Today, the building remains in a ruined state


Markets & Businesses


Fish is one of the largest businesses in Seacos. Due to the city's coastal location, fishing is a opular pastime as well as job. The warm waters around Seacos are a popular nesting ground for fish and other marine animals, and during this time commercial fishing is banned, to give fish a chance to re-populate.


Like most cities and settlements on Cilvarth, Seacos is a great producer of tea. Seacos exports plenty of tea plants endemic to the Horn of Jisefea, such as coral tea. Coral tea plants grow partially underwater, while the actual tea leaves hover above the water. Coral tea is popular in Aricos, and is the number one buyer of coral tea plants.

Travel & Tourism

Tourists are very popular in Seacos. The extravagant and drastically unique sceneries set this city apart from all others on the planet. In just one day, you can visit the tops of mountains, the warm sandy beaches, and rolling plains and meadows.


Seacos has arguable the most distinct architecture on the planet. Buildings are build with simple clay bricks, but they are painted bright blues, yellows, and whites.
Typically, buildings have light blue walls, with white rims and yellow patterns. These patterns differ per house.

Transportation Systems

The most popular mode of transport around the city is the Seacos Train System. This train system transports individuals to the three different districts of the city. The districts cannot be accessed from the others by walking, aside from Coastal Seacos which can only be accessed during low tides.

Cycling is another popular mode of transport in Seacos. Alongside the train lines are smaller cyling paths, for people who want more exercise while travelling around the various districts in the city.

Fauna & Flora


Hundreds of fauna species find themselves living amongst the cilvarthians and metraphites in Seacos. Some species include glitter terns, small coastal bird species that perch on rooftops and produce a glittery poop. They are hunted by several other animal species, such as windwalkers and hog-nosed ferrets.


There aren't as many flora species in Seacos, as the city has transformed much of the natural landscape into concrete, especially in Coastal Seacos. In Southern Seacos, however, is a large amount of natural flora species and wildlife.
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