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Horn of Jisefea

The Horn of Jisefea is a famous geographic location on Cilvarth, in the continent of Jisefea. Within its borders, Seacos resides, one of the largest cities on the planet.

Geography, Location & Climate

The Horn of Jisefea can be found in northwestern Jisefea. It lies along the south part of the North Jisefean Sea, and the north part of the Valava Sea. The Horn of Jisefea has quite a mild climate, with colder temperatures along the northern coastline. The land is varied, with great variety in altitude, maintaining an altitude between zero and a hundred metres above sea level. Rocky cliffs can be found along the northern coastline, and towards the south of the Horn of Jisefea are flatter lands close to sea level.

The Horn of Jisefea is blocked off by a small mountain range, the Jisefean Mountain Range.



The Horn of Jisefea has about 150 native mammal species, 260 bird species, around 300 insect species, 40 decapod species, 30 reptile species, and 50 amphibian species, among many others. There is a great variety in these species, from the glitter terns and windwalkers, two avid species, to hog-nosed ferrets and cavals, two mammal species.

There are over three hundred identified herbaceous plant species, many of which grow in abundance. The rarer flowers are some of the rarest on the planet, and are greatly valued by botanists. Such species include vivid apostleblooms and rainbow arums.

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