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One of just two continents on Karkhala, Tukosane is the largest in both area and population. Throughout history, Tukosane's countries have been at war with each other. Several global wars for resources and territory have destroyed vast regions, slowly regrowing. After the oanie stepped into space two and a half thousand years ago, conflicts have dissolved, countries teaming together to fight inter-planetary enemies.

Tukosane has a current population of 8.8 billion, just under the recommended maximum population of 9.2 billion.

Geography, Location & Climate

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The larger of the two continents, Tukosane covers almost a third of the Northern Hemisphere. Approximately 39% of Tukosane is rainforest, with a cold rainforest centered around the North Pole and several others scattered across the mainland, concentrating around Otopo, Anitia, Erina, Kologaiso, and Paresau.

The central area of Tukosane is rather flat, with mountain ranges dividing Dorao and Izipti, and Dorao and Paresau. Cool tundra and grasslands lies around Dorao and neighbouring countries, dominating the continent.

Despite its location, the coldest areas of Tukosane remain at a consistent temperature of around twenty degrees Celsius, warmest areas reaching upwards of forty, year round. Tukosane has a dry heat, as opposed to Szizimilis' perpetually muggy air.



Tukosane contains nineteen recognised countries. Celeba, Dorao, Paresau and Kologaiso make up roughly half of Tukosane's landmass. The youngest country is Uashana, having declared independence seven years ago.

Flag Name Capital Population
Achlan Mashau 44,994,247
Anitia Anitis 240,394,298
Celeba Celeba City 538,661,958
Dorao Doronao 1,244,506,857
Erina Anamatani 400,284,592
Hkldran Corpora 65,428,795
Izipti Ezora 405,350,739
Kologaiso Tihara 2,650,188,465
Meridias Saitasa 45,003,476
Mezinor Mezinor State 256,305,459
Netaranawa Karkandas 23,948,586
Otopo Khunai 66,599,302
Paresau Alakhabert 1,673,039,586
Rezanti Naporina 30,294,195
Salvatas Salvatara 998,573,038
Turaseia Ariotary 56,948,103
Uashana Asan 679,294
Untila Hmaisn 77,204,586
Taziri Ulapolei 2,203,548
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