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Strawbee Moomoo

Oi! I've told you for the last time, you cannot jump over the fences, you're too short. Why am I bothering talking to you, you can't understand me - even if you could, I doubt you'd listen. Stupid moomoos.
— Strawbee Moomoo Farmer
Strawbee moomoos are a species of domesticated bovine from Cilvarth. The milk they produce taste of strawbees, hence their name.


Strawbee moomoos have a barrel shaped body, with pink skin and hair. On different breeds, patches of darker pinks, browns, whites, greys and blacks can be found across the body, in varying shapes and sizes. They have two pairs of legs, ending in two hooves. Their heads are rather small for a moomoo (cow) species, with small, bluntly tipped horns. They are generally a small species, rarely exceeding the height of a Cilvarthian, who on average are about 1 and a half metres tall.


Strawbe moomoos form the most sophisticated nest for a species on Cilvarth. During mating season, the male moomoos will search for as many strawbee plants as they can find, and bring them to wherever they want to set up their nest. They will spend weeks weaving together a beautiful ring, which is incredibly difficult as they have no real hands and box shaped mouths.


Strawbee moomoos feed solely on strawbees, a type of small red fruit with many tiny seeds on their exterior. These plants grow natively in Jisefea, the eastern continent. The plants are the second most common plant species, after tea plants, and are a common food source not only for strawbee moomoos, but for the Cilvarthians.


These animals were domesticated thousands of years ago, for the delicious strawbee milk they produce. The moomoos are kept in large fenced pastures, with strawbees growing in almost all of the land inside the fences. These strawbees are naturally fertilised by blossom bees, which are kept in large hives around the fences. These also scare off wild animals that like to break into the pastures and eat the strawbees.

Male moomoos have been bred to a larger size over hundreds of years, to serve as a mode of transport. They can carry large weights on their backs, and are used to carry heavy loads across long distances, usually from one settlement to another when vehicles aren't available.

15 years
Average Height
1 metre
Geographic Distribution

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