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Soup on Cilvarth is one of the most important foods, enjoyed by practically everybody on the planet. It is both a delicacy and a common comfort food that comes in endless flavours and varieties.


The history of soup is a long journey back in time, that starts many thousands of years ago. The origins of the food are unknown, however it is believed to have arisen about four thousand years ago, when nomads would put various spices, vegetables and meats in hot water to bring out the flavours better.

As nomads began settling down in places that would form the Big Three settlements (Aricos, Seacos and Lancos), soup was made as a reminder of the adventures the nomads went on, and comfort foods for those that actually were nomadic.

As society evolved through trading, more food resources became available, which led to more flavours of soups being discovered. As people found out how to prepare foods in different ways, like pickling or sun-drying, these were then used in soup as well.

In modern times, soup is not much more than comfort food. The food is available worldwide, and thanks to its simplicity is rather popular. Fifty years ago the Soupermarket was constructed in Northern Aricos, which raised the popularity of soup as more unique flavours became easily accessed.

Commercial Products

Soup Bowl

Soup bowls are pre-heated, all you need to do is take off the lid and eat. This product was designed after many citizens across the globe complained about the effort it took to make certain soups, which brought about these pre-made bowls of soup. Because the soups that take effort to prepare generally require more expensive ingredients, substitutes are put in place for corporations to save money.


Another form of convenient soups are dried powder soup. Simply add water to this powder, or vice versa, and soup is made almost instantaneously. This was yet again created for the convenience of customers, and with a long shelf-life and small packaging, more can be sold for lower prices.

Common Flavours

There are thousands of flavours of soup, impossible to make a definitive list, so here are the most popular flavours.

  • Rattle Fern - Made from the invasive rattle ferns, this soup has a slight tangy flavour.
  • Red Sand - Made from sand harvested from the Silver Desert, with additional spices and dyes for the red colouration.
  • Sun-Dried Wig - Made from blended sun-dried shedding wigs, a type of plant found in the Silver Desert.
  • Tea - Tea encompasses many thousands of soups, encompassing some of the more popular flavours.
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