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Hello there, I'm Han! In my regular life, I'm an IT consultant in the web development space & a graduate of the Bachelor of Game Design & Development. Which basically means I do a lot of nerdy stuff on a daily basis, like code websites and play with 3D models. Whilst I live in Australia, I'm actually English - I emigrated a little while ago and have been trying to find the way back to Europe ever since.   My writing tends to be more high fantasy than anything scifi or low-magic, though I do love including technology (with my abysmal knowledge of science). I draw inspiration from a number of series including Gunnerkrigg Court, the Northern Lights, Undertale, Final Fantasy... and I'm perfectly willing to nerd out over pretty much anything so long as it's not D&D 5e. I'm a Pathfinder girl at heart!

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Thanks for the follow!

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