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Aricos Spice Market

The Aricos Spice Market is a market and qualified district of Aricos. It is Cilvarth's largest spice market, and sells a variety of spices, foods, domesticated and exotic animals and more.


The spice market was constructed in the 1420s, with the intent to make it the largest market on the planet. At the time, the market contained 90 stalls, already twice as large as the second largest market on the planet, which was located in Seacos. The market exponentially expanded until this day where it has a whopping 13,050 stalls, selling thousands of unique materials, foods, and unique artifacts.

In 1759, the head of Aricos announced a 3 week celebration would occur within the Aricos Spice Market. This was to celebrate the success of the spice market, as in the past 5 years it had contributed to 60% of the city's economy. The celebration developed into a city-wide holiday known as Spice Day. The day would be spent without work, and during the evening a meal would be cooked made with various spices all free of charge from the markets.

Popular Sold Items

As guessed by the name, the Aricos Spice Market mostly sells an array of spices. Over a hundred different spices are sold at different stalls, usually with some familial connection. Tea plants are also commonly sold, as tea is incredibly popular in Aricos and on the planet.

Animals are less common, but still sold at some markets. Typically these animals are small; one of the largest animals sold are coal chickens. Exotic animals are also sold, in cages or aquariums and are sold at very high prices. These animals are usually taken straight from the wild, and can be considered dangerous as they are not used to people.


Because the spice market was formed so long ago, when Aricos was a very small city, it now has a fairly central location. The market can be accessed from every corner of the city by seven main roads that lead out of the market and to different cities in the Silver Desert. Officially a part of Old Aricos, there is no single architecture style and instead a mix of modern and olden architectures.
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