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Ponriastea is one of over a hundred planets within the Selvos Cluster. It was once classified as a dwarf planet due to its size, but was promoted to planetary status thirteen years ago. It is inhabited by two sophontic species that evolved independently, on either side of the planet in different continents.

The planet had tremendous involvement in the Clusterfarers movement thirty thousand years ago. Over three hundred native ponriasteans helped construct the Planetary Communication Lines that linked together each planet and dwarf planet in the Selvos Cluster.

The majority of the planet's landmass consists of mountainous rainforests. These rainforests are some of the most humid and foggy of the entire star system, in some places so thick that foliage just a foot away is not visible.

Communication is Key

For thousands of years Ponriastea has been praised for its lack of conflict between nations. No region on Ponriastea seems hostile to another, and the planet's involvement in the construction of the Planetary Communication Lines was a great example. As a whole, the planet and its people are very open to resolving conflicts by talking.

Setting up these Communication Lines caused conflict between several planets, famously between Huestea and Xulia. These two planets could not agree on the position of these Communication Lines and how they would function, Ponriastea serving as the mediator in several debates that potentially could have led to war.

Ponriasteans made up a decent percentage of the original Clusterfarers, propelling their reputation as friendly and reliable faces.


Despite glaring differences in their physiques, behaviours, and beliefs, both species can and do co-exist. While it not all that common, their populations do mix, hybrid children having been born in rare cases.


The seneri are magical people, with an innate connection to Floramancy and Terramancy. Delicate forest-goers, seneri rarely leave their densely foliaged towns and cities, nestled within large canyons.


The mannau are too magically inclined, with connections to Hydromancy. A semi-aquatic species, they are most comfortable in coastal areas, with cities built partially in the water, rising out of the seas.

Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
6.2 AU
Space Legion
Ponriastea Space League
Location under
Inhabiting Species
No. of Satellites
Significant Natural Satellites
Cerene, Phele, Terese, Unara

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