Greg is the third planet orbiting Pamela in the AO5 System. It orbits 6.5 AU from the star, in a spherical orbit. Greg is the legal property of the planet Dave and its davite, as it lacks any extant native sapient life.

The planet is tidally locked, meaning Greg takes just as long to rotate around its own axis as it does to orbit Pamela, and there is no net change in rotation. This has resulted in two drastically different ecosystems forming, known as the Arid Zone and the Frigid Zone.


Arid Zone

The Arid Zone on Greg is characterised by incredible temperatures and an almost complete lack of water. The Arid Zone reaches average temperatures of approximately 92℃ on hot days. There are very few lakes and rivers in the Arid Zone, and most of the water is found in or below the water table.

There is very little plant and animal life in the Arid Zone, thanks to the scorching temperatures. The life that does live here either lives under or in the ground, or hides in the shade.

Frigid Zone

The Frigid Zone is characterised by below freezing temperatures and large mountain ranges sprawled around. This zone never sees any sunlight, aside from dim moonlight from the singular moon that orbits the planet.

The Frigid Zone is inhabited by about twice as many species as the Arid Zone. Many species are bioluminescent or completely blind, or both.

The Border

The Border can be found directly between the Arid Zone and the Frigid Zone, across the planet. Most of The Border is a thin strip of forest, as in this area the climate is fairly mild and can support life much easier than the two zones.

The Border is considered the only hospitable area on the entire planet. After all, its average temperatures of 35℃ are much more tolerable for most, compared to the 92℃ and the -57℃ in the Arid and Frigid Zones respectively.


The singular moon, Evera, is coated in a thick blanket of multi-coloured moss. This moss is grazed on by many grazing animal species, which in turn are hunted by many predatory species.

Evera is inhabited by about 50,000 uuyurians, from the planet Bob. These people were displaced thanks to the karkhalans that arrived on the planet and kicked out the native inhabitants.


194 years ago in Bob time, Greg was explored by uuyurians. In the first extraplanetary travel by the uuyurians, they discovered the planet Greg, and they set foot in The Border. After spending three weeks exploring the surrounding areas and not discovering any intelligent life, they declared the planet an ally.

105 years ago in Bob time, Greg was officially declared the legal property of the planet Dave. Davites, the resident sophonts of Dave, took over this planet to preserve its natural wildlife, just a few years after Karkhalans arrived on the planet and began introducing invasive species and destroying ecosystems.

Fauna & Flora

There is little life on this planet compared to other planets in the AO5 System. The life on this planet are specially adapted to dealing with such harsh climates.

A few species, such as snow cows, have been brought to Karkhala and have been selectively bred to produce even more materials that karkhalans can harvest, to further advance their planet.

Since Dave has taken ownership of Greg, the entire planet has turned into a sanctuary of sorts, with many nature reserves designed to captive-breed certain species to increase their numbers.

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