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Spondydontidae is a small family of deep-sea fish found on many rocky and oceanic planets. These animals are best known for their pair of long, spindly fang-like teeth.

Urchinfish by Mochi

Spondydontids are predominantly found in deep oceans, where light barely reaches. These fish rarely grow beyond a foot in length, but when they do they can reach over thirty metres, thanks to deep-sea gigantism. Spondydontids have a large head in proprtion to their body, with a slender body and tail. When their jaws are closed, the pair of fang-like teeth on their bottom jaw stick upwards, through small holes in their upper jaw.

The urchinfish possesses one of the most extreme anatomies of a Spondydontid. The jaw of these fish is twice the height of the body, their mouths capable of opening a whopping 190°.

Spondydontids are opportunistic hunters, lying in wait for their prey. With large eyes they can spot prey from far away, using what little light reflects at these depths to their advantage. These fish will hunt any prey that can fit in their mouths and they have a stretchy stomach and body capable of expanding triple their normal size.

Genuses & Species

Erchis cthihansonii
Erchis kyrophis
Erchis solotolo
Erchis vivinil
Spondydontis pharus
Spondydontis regalia
Spondydontis rugama
Spondydontis sufficia
Spondydontis tormentum

Genetic Descendants
Geographic Distribution
Scientific Classification
Kingdom - Animalia
Phylum - Chordata
Class - Actinopterygii
Order - Trachichthyiformes
Family - Spondydontidae
Type Species
Regal Spinetooth - Spondydontis regalia

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