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Moro is one of ninety-nine moons orbiting planet Dave in the AO5 System. The moon is most famous for Moro University named after Moro, a native of planet Dracosei in the Ria System. The University is known to be incredibly relaxed; you are in control of your own schedule, and so long as you pass and obtain a degree, the courses are free.

The moon itself is home to fragile ecosystems - with just one wrong move, the whole food chains can collapse. One native species are the mororunners. Mororunners are a species of ground-cuckoo that pick up small seeds on the ground when they run, spreading them to new environments. They are the blenders of the different ecosystems, moving plants from one area to another and creating a more complex ecosystem that can't be untangled.

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Cover image: Core Stone Biome by Mochi


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