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Ria System

Ria is a large Solar System containing seven planets. It is a famous Solar System for its many races of creatures and its populated planets.
The Solar System contains seven planets: Uriti, Talerin, Greenerth, Ocearia, Dracosei, Maloruno, and Cavotov.   Ria is centralised around Nasara. Nasara is a main sequence star (see Star Life Cycle) and is roughly 15 billion years old.   Ria also contains many smaller objects orbiting Nasara. Several dwarf planets orbit Nasara: Yathera, Aiamaia, Vipheanus, and UV. A large A-Planet belt orbits Nasara between Dracosei and Maloruno, containing about 30,000 A-Planets more than 600 miles wide, and millions more that are smaller, as well as about 4 million small asteroids.



- 0 Moons
- 0.6 AU from Nasara

A burning planet of boiling temperatures, Uriti is the first planet orbiting Nasara. The entire planet is cracking apart as it forms tectonic plates, caused by the shifting of the Mantle and countless volcanic eruptions worldwide.

Uriti is inhabited by two sophonts; the uritians inhabit the Ash Forests of the North Pole while the calhans inhabit two large kingdoms elsewhere on the planet. The calhans have yet to advance to space-faring technology, while the uritians have long been exploring space beyond their solar system. They are fairly well known in the Milky Way, but that is more because of their enormous size and stature compared to most other humanoids.


- 1 Moon
- 0.5 AU from Nasara

Talerin has a cool climate compared to Uriti, but still the planet is largely desertified. Talerin is mostly an ocean planet that is completely uninhabitable because of the Striders of the Deep, but the single island continent that exists is uninhabitable because of the temperature. The dangerous climates means that few species exist, and they all fight for survival.

Most of the continent is a large desert, with savannas and the occasional mountain range, as well as some tropical rainforests. But the plant and animal life has made it impossible for people to live in, and so the Ukari People, the only race to live on Talerin, is forced into a limited sized city called Tak'are just west of the Dry Reef.


- 2 Moons
- 1.5 AU from Nasara

Greenerth is by far the most inhabited planet in Ria, and maybe the entire Yonderverse. The planet contains five continents, all with relatively different climates and temperatures, and are home to an abundance of biomes such as the deserts and savannas in the Region of Sarra, the frozen plains and mountains of The Frost Lands, the tropical rainforests of Tropacia, and the cool temperate forests of Aekor.

The variety in environments means that tons of intelligent species have found a way of life on the planet, including but not limited to Harmonids that have labelled most locations on the planet, including the countries and continents themselves.



- 3 Moons
- 2.4 AU from Nasara

Ocearia is the fourth planet orbiting Nasara and like Talerin, is mostly made of oceans. Apart from a few small islands dotted about the planet, Ocearia is dominated by water. The regions on the planet are divided based on biomes, including blood rivers, kelp forests, shallow sands, and thermal spires. The planet has the deepest oceans in the Ria System, the deepest is 29,380 metres deep in a ravine in the southern hemisphere of the planet.

The planet is home to a handful of sophonts, each designed for a marine lifestyle. These creatures each run a different kingdom, and war and conflict is unfortunately common. Space travel is the norm on Ocearia, and some people have abandoned their home planet to find a peaceful life in faraway lands and labyrinth seas.


- 1 Moon
- 4.3 AU from Nasara

Dracosei is yet another planet who's surface is mostly ocean. Most creatures live on land, on a handful of continents and the hundreds of thousands of islands that sprinkle the planet. These islands are all vastly different in climates, temperatures, and terrains; Red Rock Island is a very hot island, with several volcanoes and a unique type of stone that lines the beaches and burn when stepped on, and Botanic Bogs is a very muggy island chain with a lot of plant life.

The two largest continents, Etrea and Maerkhor have the largest population of intelligent life. There are two major sophonts on Dracosei, the terani and morolls, and they have explored much of the planet and migrated to thousands of different islands, forming tiny settlements where they live to survive.


- 4 Moons
- 7 AU from Nasara

Maloruno is a planet of pure conflict. The sophonts, the runos, inhabit the entire Southern Hemisphere while the white tigers dominate the Northern Hemisphere. They are of equal intelligence and strength, so the two species have a mutual agreement to remain in each other's territories. Breaking this agreement could mean a war that lasts eternity, until the planet is destroyed.

The entirety of the planet is a cold, crisp climate, with Maze Forests covering the majority of the landmasses. The planet is home to three oceans, the Siil, Imat, and the Southern Equatorial Ocean. These oceans are home to an array of life, especially the Southern Equatorial Ocean which is at a higher temperature, and supports more life.



- 19 Moons
- 10.4 AU from Nasara

Cavotov is the seventh and final planet to orbit Nasara. It is a cold planet, and so most animal and plant life exists underground in large cave networks. The planet on the outside is covered in oceans and continents, both of which are layered with snow and ice. Large ice paths connects the continents which means migration of some species is rather easy.

The cave systems on the planet are full of life, much more than the surface, and are home to an abundance of plant species. The cave systems all open up into large corridors and spaces that can reach hundreds of miles wide; it is a wonder how the ceiling hasn't crashed down with almost no support.

Dwarf Planets


Yathera is a dwarf planet that orbits Nasara between Ocearia and Dracosei. It cannot support much life, yet it still finds a way. No sapient races call this place home, but a select group of reptiles live on the dwarf planet called runners. The whole planet itself is quite warm, with a mostly desert environment it has a small landlocked ocean with some plant life.


Vipheanus is a dwarf planet that orbits Nasara between Talerin and Greenerth. The lush climate on the dwarf planet provides beautiful tropical rainforests, vibrant oceans; it is one of the most popular dwarf planets to stay on as major holiday resorts have built on it and people across the Yonderverse can stay here.
It is also home to a lot of creatures, from the mangrove rottler to the ornament fish, there is no shortage of brightly coloured creatures and plants.


Aiamaia orbits Nasara after Cavotov, and is quite a cold dwarf planet. It is home to the terrestrial tusklin species. The planet is mostly snow and ice, with a thick layer of permafrost covering the entire dwarf planet. It has no sapient races, and few flora species.


UV, short for Ultra-Violent, is the largest dwarf planet in the Ria Solar System. It orbits Nasara after Aiamaia, and is the coldest dwarf planet. The planet got the name "Ultra-Violent" after its inhabiting species, the Onara. They have taken over the dwarf planet and have scared off every single spaceship that has set foot on it, even destroying some and using the parts as weapons.


Ria is one of the oldest Solar Systems in the Yonderverse. It was officially formed over 9 billion years ago when the first few planets started growing from miniscule grains that collided with more and more, over billions of years, until they reach the size they are today. The first planet to be declared was Dracosei, becoming an official planet over 7 billion years ago. Greenerth was second, becoming a planet 7.58 billion years ago. Uriti was third, becoming a planet 7.52 billion years ago. Ocearia was fourth, becoming a planet 6.98 billion years ago. Cavotov was fifth, becoming a planet 5.76 billion years ago. Talerin was sixth, becoming a planet 5.24 billion years ago. Last but not least, Maloruno became a planet 4.99 billion years ago.   The oldest race of creatures in Ria are the Onara on the dwarf planet UV. The race are thought to have existed for about 70 million years, which is over double the age of any other race in the Solar System.


The Ria System is one of the most bustling solar systems in the entire Yonderverse. Because of the constant visits from people from other planets and solar systems, special routes have been cast from planet to planet, from entrances into the system from outer regions. One follows special pathways guided by flittering lights that will guide you to different planets, in the hopes of preventing the entirety of space being too clustered.

Greenerth is the most popular location for tourists, as people from so many planets in different solar systems are attracted to the beautiful sights and bustling cities, they don't feel so isolated when they go on holidays as there are always people to talk to. Talerin is a surprisingly popular planet for tourists, as the largely uninhabitable continent attracts millions of tourists a year. The city of Tak'are is so popular that they had to build a special spaceport just to funnel in the spacecrafts; previously they had no regard for property and would land literally anywhere, even on top of random houses.
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