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Sao is the only star present in the Sao Solar System. Sao is approximately 20 billion years old, and is a Red Giant.


Sao was formed 20 billion years ago, as a nebula. The nebula was one of the largest in the Milky Way at the time, over 93 light years wide. The nebula remained in its state for just a thousand years, which is an incredibly short lifespan for a nebula. In fact, it is the third shortest lifespan of a nebula in Aavar's River.

With an influx of souls, the nebula collapsed in on itself and formed a main sequence star. Sao remained in this state for 18.5 billion years. During this time, 15 planets orbited Sao, each with unique organisms. As more dust and gases got caught in the star, and no more souls were being added to the core, there was not enough gravity to contain it, and Sao exploded into a Red Giant. Sao has only been a Red Giant for the past billion years, and therefore only has one planet in its orbit.

Sao System

Sao is the only star in the Sao Solar System. It is orbited by just one planet and zero dwarf planets.


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    Like most stars, Sao has a large population of sunfins. These magnificent creatures swim through the golden rivers of Sao, scooping the molten metal up in their large mouths. Sunfins aren't the only creature in Sao. Gold gobblers, a small arthropod species native to Sabala also feed on the gold rivers, and sometimes nestle inside the bodies of other animals and drink the gold they consume.
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