Etrea is the single continent on Dracosei, located along the equator. It is the largest piece of land on the planet, double the size of Kazaharo Cliffs, the largest island. The continent is home to the three races of creatures, the Gorlins, Charmen, and the Eleraea. These three groups of people live close to each other, underground in caverns with tunnels connecting all the tribes for easy communication and access to each other.


The landscape in Etrea varies a great deal depending on where you are. To the north is the polar ice caps, large icebergs and ice sheets stretch for miles out from the coast, and south from this is a large mountain range that essentially cuts off the ice caps from the rest of the continent. South of the mountain range is a temperate and a boreal forest, west and east respectively. Right on the south coast of the continent is a savanna, surrounding that is a large desert. The rest of the island consists of grasslands, plateaus and mountain ranges. Several large lakes are found in the grasslands, as well as a few in the mountains.


Dragon species are abundant on Etrea. During warmer months, dragons migrate to the continent to lay their eggs in large nesting colonies. A colony of on average about 6 million dragons accumulates just a mile from the Charmen settlement.
Birds are the most common species of creature other than dragons. Many species live along the coasts, along the cliffs in large nesting colonies.

Fauna & Flora

As for the whole planet, dragons are the most common sight on Etrea. The large nesting colonies flood the skies full of hundreds of species of dragons from all over the world.
There are quite a few dragon species that do remain on Etrea year round, such as scaleshedders and bouldersmashes.   The continent is home to a wide array of plant species, given the vast amount of biomes there. You'll find many cacti and short grasses in the deserts and savannas, many flowers and trees in the forests, and lots of plants with magical properties in the mountains.


Etrea was formed a three hundred million years ago, when various islands started breaking off from each other. These islands would eventually drift apart from the continent, forming ones we now know as Red Rock Island, Cavern Quarry etc. Due to the hard rock that surrounds the coastlines, the shape of the continent has not drastically changed since then.


The three sapient races live underground in Etrea, in large caverns discovered over a thousand years ago. These caverns stretched over 70 miles round the coast and under the sea, and would be turned into settlements for the people that were barely surviving from the dangers of dragons.   The Gorlins were the first of the three tribes to migrate underground, building their civilisation underneath the savannas of Etrea. They used large metal hatches to block off any access from the overworld.
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