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Tundratails are long ice/air dragon species that live in cold islands in the Northern Hemisphere and the north of Etrea.

Basic Information


Tundratails have a round head with a large mouth. These mouths open as a circle shape with some tiny, rounded teeth in several rows. Two large icy spikes stick out from the bottom of their mouths like a long beard, while a massive array of ice spikes sit on the top of their heads. Their iridescent scales shimmer the colours of an aurora. Their wings are made of icy light, a beautiful mix of snowflakes and sparkling light. These wings extend from behind their icy crown, and flow down along their bodies. They possess no legs or appendages, and have a snake like body and tail.

Genetics and Reproduction

Tundratails mate in the air. Mating occurs between a pair; while flying in the air they wrap their tails together and the male can fertilise the female. The only time females will stop flying is when they lay their eggs. They create nests made of icy light on the tops of trees, practically engulfing them. They lay 3 to 5 eggs at the top of the nest. These eggs are a cloudy white with some purple highlights.

Growth Rate & Stages

Tundratails grow incredibly fast for a dragon species. Babies hatch and grow to 10 metres long in about 6 weeks. After that growing takes a lot longer, it takes about 2 years for the dragon to its full size of 40 metres.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Tundratails are a carnivorous dragon species. They primarily eat birds and other flying creatures, by hoovering them in to their mouths with a powerful inhale. They have been known to accidentally swallow other small dragon species like night lights.
40 years
Average Length
40 metres
Geographic Distribution


Tundratails have a traditional icy breath, like most ice dragon species. They also have the choice to ignite the ice, and produce a most terrifying fire that both melts your skin and the ice pierces you. Angering one of these dragons is certainly not the smartest choice.

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