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Iced Shores

The Iced Shores is a beautiful, tranquil island chain a couple miles east of the Heather Isles, made of flat islands that are coated in a layer of thick snow and ice.


The Iced Shores is comprised of 17 separate islands, that are temporarily connected via a sand bank that is only revealed in times of low tides. The islands are incredibly flat, the highest point is 3 metres above sea level. Out of the 17 islands, 13 will be completely submerged underwater during times of high tide. The ground is made from permafrost and thick ice, that is all covered in short grasses and snow. These grasses are also semi-aquatic, surviving easily both underwater and when out of water.


The only major changes in ecosystem occurs based on the tides. During low tides, more dragons will be found on the islands, especially draglaciers coming to feed on the fast growing grasses. There are also more bird species, who come to prey on the stranded fish, crustaceans, and invertebrates they find in all the rock pools on the islands.   In the high tides, most of the islands are covered in water, and fish can be found nibbling at the grasses, swimming in them, laying eggs in the tide pools and various invertebrates calling the shores home. The shores are incredibly popular with nudibranches and crab species, as their food sources are abundant.

Fauna & Flora

The Iced Shores does not possess a wide variety of life, including dragons. A few species that have been spotted on the shores are draglaciers and wolfreezes, the draglaciers feeding on the short grasses while the wolfreezes eat the draglaciers.   An incredible amount of nudibranches and sea cucumbers can be found on these shores, particularly those who can survive on land for a short while and get stranded in low tides. They are often poisonous and therefore brightly coloured, scaring away peckish birds.
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Dec 7, 2021 16:52 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Sounds like it ends up being a weirdly colourful place for somewhere covered in permafrost. :D Nudibranchs!

Dec 7, 2021 20:18 by Mochi

I don't think anywhere in my world is particularly drab in colour xD And yes, everyone needs more nudibranches.

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