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Athbados is a large, rainforest covered island in the Northern Archipelago on Dracosei. It is home of the Savarian Black Market, a market hidden deep within a cave system where illegal items are sold, such as dragons and dragon parts.


A large island, Athbados contains several unique biomes, but most prominently the rainforest. The island is quite hilly, with several large mounds and ravines along the north coast, and more flat, beachy areas in the west and south. Towards the east of the island is a wetland area, with a small delta.


The rainforest on Athbados is incredibly dense, with trees growing so closely together some merge and form larger trees. The rainforests are home to an abundance of dragons and other animals, like scissor-claws and egg-eaters.


The ravines on the island also contain a fair amount of life. Most of the ravines are found within the rainforest, and therefore plants grow within them. Creepers and vines can be seen growing down the entire ravine walls, while small rivers flow at the bottom, frequented by small waterbirds.


The wetlands on Athbados take up very little space along the eastern coastline. The Athbados Delta is located here, and many dragons used to migrate here for breeding season, until they were scared off/captured by hunters.

Fauna & Flora


With several lush biomes on the island, Athbados attracts many animals year round, as well as many native species. Athbados is inhabited by less dragons now, thanks to the dragon hunter's arrival and the formation of the Savarian Black Market, who primarily targets dragons. Instead, many bird and insect species live here, as they are left alone.


There are a large amount of flora species on Athbados. The rainforest contains over a three thousand plant species, many of which are endemic to the island and cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Not only the rainforest, but the ravines and wetlands contain many species unique to this island, such as goldenglows and pygmy laceflowers.

Savarian Black Market

The first black market that was its own location, the Savarian Black Market was set up by Great Savaria. The market sells an array of dragons, captured by skilled dragon hunters, as well as dragon scales, weapons and armour, as well as their bones and organs which are used in various potions and medicines across the world. Most people are against this market's existence, but nobody can do anything about it because it is too well hidden and those that do know of its location are not powerful enough to shut it down.
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