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Scaleshedders are common earth dragons found across Dracosei, on most islands and continents. They are a commonly domesticated dragon species, and the constantly shedding scales are used to create armour for many native tribes on the planet.

Basic Information


Scaleshedders have an awkward body proportion. Their large heads are positioned on a long thin neck. The round head has a large horn on its snout above its eyes, with two large horns at the back. Adolescens have two more horns on the back of its soft head to protect it. Scalesheddesr have a long thin body and tail, two long legs with cylindrical feet and 3 claws, two facing forwards, one facing backwards. Their wings are large, and have 2 claws, one allowing them to climb and another for show. Their long tail ends in a weird club shape, with two rows of four spikes. Their fire-resistant scales are a brown colour, with darker spots. These scales shed constantly and are used as armour for native tribes.

Genetics and Reproduction

Scaleshedder eggs are a dark brown colour, about 6 cm in diameter. They have lighter brown spots all over the egg. Scaleshedders lay nests of 6-12 eggs once a year in May.

Ecology and Habitats

Scaleshedders are comfortable in a variety of environments, grasslands, savannahs, taigas, mountains.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Scaleshedders are carnivores, they eat a range of small mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. They love to chase their prey, often just for fun.

Additional Information


Scaleshedders are used for flight in many tribes across Dracosei. They live in large pens, and farmers go through the pens daily to collect any scales the dragons may have shed. The scales are very sturdy and do shed frequently, almost daily. The scales are woven to create armour to protect the people from other dragons, a bonus is that the armour becomes fire proof with the scales.
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