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Omg cuuuuuute, an orbit kitty!   Omg ew is it eating a spider wtf
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The Aucherm Belt is not just one belt, but rather several, forming a subsection of the Cheem System. Three planets are found within the Belt's confines, Capepo, Auvarha, and Rabalhar. By definition a planet has cleared its orbital neighbours, and so they break up the Aucherm Belt into several smaller ones.


Orbit Kitty by Mochi

This vast collection of asteroids, planets, dwarf planets, trojans, and countless other celestial objects contain a large number of lifeforms. The most famous species from the Aucherm Belt is the orbit kitty, inhabiting the oxygen-sparse spacefields yet sometimes winding up on Capepo and various close dwarf planets.

Orbit kitties are not alone in space. Many large arachnid species survive comfortably, building large webs between small asteroids. Golden spaceders are exceptionally common, particularly around dwarf planet Hlutar.

Aucherm kelp are an extremely fast-growing protist species with a similar appearance to plants, often confused as them. This kelp species is known to infest buildings in the Aucherm Belt, occasionally making it on spacecrafts and overgrowing the vehicles. They are extremely susceptible to fire, but so are the spacecrafts.

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