Yureta Ocean

The Yureta Ocean is the smallest ocean on Kyrophis, with an average depth of 2,405 metres. In the very centre of this ocean is a canyon that extends down another thousand metres. This canyon is the site of one of few stationary kephalon settlements.

These people much prefer their mobile lifestyles, cities adorned on the backs of whatever titanic creature they can get a hold of. Instead, this canyon serves as a hub for interplanetary travellers, who aren't comfortable sitting on top of a massive animal, thousands of years old.

Geography, Location & Climate

The Yureta Ocean is the capital of the planet for jellyfish species. Between the ocean's surface and around a thousand metres deep is commonly known as the Stinging Zone. A self-explanatory name, jellyfish and other stinging cnidarians are very common within this Zone.

Farther down in the Yureta Ocean, in the very centre of the region, is a massive canyon reaching another thousand metres into the planet's crust. The canyon is home to an abundance of unique endemic life, thanks to the shift in water pressure and climate.


False Island Jelly by Mochi

Over a thousand jellyfish species have been recorded in the Yureta Ocean. One of the most infamous is the False Island Jelly, a species renowned for its intelligence. These animals share a mutualistic relationship with garden porpoises, providing the porpoises protection from predators while they help the jelly camouflage.

Most jelly species are found within the Stinging Zone, seldom explored by kephalons without protection.

Most flora species are sessile and found on the seabed. Few species require no soil to grow, found floating free in the Stinging Zone. Small open ocean animals take advantage of the shelter, such as yureta sargassum eels.

I was chilling in my submarine, exploring the area round my city, until I saw a cool island in the distance. I went up to it and these fat fuckin paddles reached out and I could feel the electricity from like, ten metres away. It wasn't the vibe.
— Kephalon talking about his near-death experience
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