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Auburn Moon Jelly

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Auburn moon jellies are a critically endangered species of moon jelly found on Kyrophis. These jellies are only found floating around a small current in the Yureta Ocean.


Auburn Moon Jelly by Mochi

Auburn moon jellies are on average around ten centimetres in diameter and ten centimetres in length. They can be recognised by their five horshoe-shaped gonads and the auburn tint in their entire bodies. They are almost entirely translucent, and their dark colouration makes them even harder to spot.

These jellyfish glow in close proximity to others of its species. Scientists debate whether or not these animals are linked to any type of magic, but genetic samples suggest they are not within the kingdom Inanimalia.

These jellies are not dangerous at all - their tentacles cannot pierce kephalon skin. Their venom is not potent either, and at the very most will cause slight irritation in open wounds or if ingested.

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Aurelia auburna
5 years
Average Length
2 - 16 cm
Average Diameter
5 - 60 cm
Geographic Distribution


Author's Notes

Thank you Polina "Line" Arteev and AsterVela for the idea!

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