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Rubrinea is possibly the most blindingly red planet in the Yonderverse. Crimson forests and grasslands paint Rubrinea in a sea of red, while the orange towns and cities add a smidge of extra colour. The rubidians are a friendly bunch, inviting visitors with brightly glowing spaceports.

Geography, Location & Climate

Vast stretches of crimson and ruby gleam over Rubrinea. Forests drenched in red, its blood rivers running through, carving their way into the sunset seas. Around the Equatorial continents the burning sun beams down all day, leaving a cold chill in its wake during nights.

The vast majority of the planet shares a reddish colour palette, including but not limited to the very ground, sea, and air, itself. The pink atmosphere is interspersed with clouds, shattering whenever a bird or a ship flies through.

The largest region, the Afilan Region, centers itself around the Equator. Five continents divide this planet, its largest being Sangar, the smallest Aquaf. Continents and regions are separate classifications: on most planets, including Rubrinea, continents form based largely on culture, while regions form based on geology and geography.


Sangar, the planet's largest continent, forms a long stretch that divides two other continents. It wraps around the entire planet, splitting the two major oceans apart. Sangarians are a friendly bunch, however they are severely uneducated in terms of wildlife. Many species are endangered due to hunting, considering them pests. People fight back, forming education centres and animal sanctuaries, such as the Rhodos Wildlife Park.

Many classify continents Aquaf and Asini as one, due to many cultural similarities. What divides the two is the Aquasin Mountain Range, separating the desert Asini from the partially submerged Aquaf. The sea and the skies of Aquaf are magnetically attracted, bringing the clouds down to create a misty shield blanketing the entire continent. In Asini, the opposite occurs. The clouds avoid the deserts of Asini, forcing themselves upwards, floating twice as high here as anywhere else on the planet.

The continent of Damu is a small one, with a population of only two hundred thousand and consisting of seven large islands in a single archipelago. Damu's inhabitants are fairly isolated from the rest of the planet, preferring to remain on their idyllic islands and trade with others interaction-less.

With a direct oceanic current line accessing Damu and a land-bridge joining it with Asini, Kann is the most diverse continent. The hottest temperatures on Kann reach over fourty degrees Celsius, while the coldest occur in the polar Frust Region, with consistent sub-zero climates.

Eggy Placeholder by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull


Rubrinea made its debut in the Yonderverse almost 917 years ago, following Norrab, predecessing Daglaci. The planet was equipped with diverse cultures and ecosystems long before appearing in the Yonderverse, historians suspecting rubidians to have first appeared around 3 million years ago. It took just three years for rubrineans to dive into space and explore the surrounding solar systems and the greater Milky Way.

Many rubidians commented on the shift from their previous universe to living in the Yonderverse. Those that lived during the Warp believed life had improved after the event, claiming that their old universe was "dull and uninviting". Some point out that rubidians are very intense people, and that any life not aligning with their very specific likes and beliefs, are believed to be lesser. This viewpoint has improved in recent years, with rubidians accepting others for who they are, but there are some who still hold on to these ancient views.

The Rubrinea Space Legion was formed three hundred years ago. The Legion immediately presented themselves quite strongly with surrounding Space Legions. Their iconic red outfits are unmistakeable, with draping red dresses worn by the Head Legional.


Rubrinea's wildlife is some of the most diverse in the Cheem System, while easily identifiable with their red colouration. Many conservation efforts push for the repopulation of endangered species, as unfortunately there is a high percentage of such on Rubrinea. The planet is dominated by an array of bird species, ranging from the large cerise storks to the miniscule chippering sparrows.

Cerise Stork by Mochi

The life on this planet are intensely studied by exoplanetary biologists, fascinated by how each and every animal, plant, fungi, bacteria, protist, and so many more, can all contain the colour red. The planet's Legional Animal, honking tigers, are an interplanetary mascot and icon. These animals are popular on various social media platforms, for their funky personalities and delightful calls.

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Author's Notes

Original Creation Date: 6th April 2023 (Reset for WorldEmber 2023)   This planet is inspired by the delightful Polina "Line" Arteev. Sitting in her streams, I get all kinds of inspiration, I encourage Line to making weird animals, and our worlds grow together. We both became Inner Sanctum members at the same time, and it's a delight any time I get to talk with her. Love you, Line <3   Fun fact: half-way through writing the "Ecology" section of this artice, Line sent me a tiktok of a tiger honking, which quickly lead to the creation of honking tigers.

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