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Looming Desert

The Looming Desert is a large region of Norrab, the largest hot desert on the planet. The desert is known for its ever-shifting sands which create a shifting labyrinth, making it extremely difficult to navigate.

Certain parts of the Looming Desert are static, where people have settled and created majestic cities. These cultures capitalise on rare resources found in this desert, such as sandy brine, which can be used for various magics.

Geography, Location & Climate

It is almost impossible to describe the landmarks of the Looming Desert, as they are always moving and morphing. Temperatures rarely dip lower than 40 degrees Celsius, and rainfall occurs once or twice a year. The sand and soil in the desert are exceptional at holding this water, as is the foliage and fauna.

The Looming Desert spread through seven countries: Albata, Montava, Vai'n, Jou'da, Na'ailidi, Preden, and Nak'ani.


The Looming Desert is not rich in flora. Many species lay dormant throughout the year, bursting into bloom during the few times of rainfall to take full advantage of the available water. Several cacti species grow year-round, with roots reaching all the way down into the water table.

Many animals are nocturnal to avoid the burning heat during daytimes. Cold-blooded animals such as witherback cobras lay on flat rock faces during daytimes, absorbing heat to hunt prey at dusks, when nocturnal animals are waking up. Due to such cold temperatures, cold-blooded animals will go into a short spell of hibernation each night.


Wanderer's Charm by Mochi

Some desert-goers and explorers enjoy the thrill of adventuring and navigating the Looming Desert. The risk of never escaping poses some sort of challenge to some, making them feel like they have to explore and come out safely, to prove their talents. A foolish game, many die a slow, painful death. The cause is usually dehydration, sometimes starvation, and once in a while, eaten by a black-spotted desert gorilla.

Tourism is the catalyst for many cartographers claiming to produce "reliable" maps of the Looming Desert. The most famous example is the Desert Scribbles, which claimed to be the world's first reliable map of the desert. As a result, hundreds, if not thousands of people lost their lives trying to navigate the desert.

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