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Hinsonii's Devil

Hinsonii's devil is a small dragon species native to the Looming Desert of Norrab. This species is an example of convergent evolution, bearing a striking similarity to frilled lizards of planet Earth.

Hinsonii's Devil by Mochi

The Hinsonii's devil is after its first describer, Janesi Hinsonii. These dragons enjoy boiling climates. They spend 90% of their waking hours basking in the sun, their frills extended, absorbing as much heat as possible. The remainder of the day is spent grooming one another in large flocks.

These flightless dragons require their terrifying physiology to scare away predators. By extending their frills to other animals, they appear larger and more threatening. If this doesn't work, the Hinsonii's devil will shoot small bursts of fire. The fire is barely hot enough to light a dry stick, but the determination is there.

This species rarely grow more than a metre in length. Males are larger than females, with a significantly yellower frill. The female possesses a larger frill than males, reaching about ten to twelve inches in diameter.

While they attempt to be threatening, many residents of the desert find these dragons charming. In fact, some keep them as pets. These disobedient dragons fail to listen to most commands, but the more strong-willed pet owners are able to command their devil.


The most distinctive part of a Hinsonii's devil is the its frill. This disc-shaped flap of skin extends from the head and neck. Several folds and ridges allow it to comfortably collapse and wrap around the neck, when not extended.

The head of these dragons is very large compared to its body size. The body is flat and wide, especially around the stomach area. Arms and legs extend outwards, and are notably short.

Hinsonii's dragons are a mottled grey, brown, red, and orange, with brighter frills. The underside of these dragons is a lighter creamish colour, with black and grey spots. The scales are hollow, each scale used for ventilation to keep the body cool during dangerously hot days.

Scientific Name
Ferentecollus parvus
15 - 20 years
Average Length
1 metre
Average Frillspan
10 - 12 inches
Geographic Distribution

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