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A planet of devastation and lifelessness, Norrab is a perished world of adamnans that rebelled against their home planet. These people felt dirty, worshipping the very people who turned against them, so they abandoned their home altogether and found refuge in Norrab.

Norrab is best known for its swirling sandy seas, treacherous mountain ranges, trenches that cut all through the oceans, and an assortment of other dramatic, dangerous landscapes. Despite this, people have learned to thrive here and find beauty in what life manages to win the fight against the unforgiving environment.

Geography, Location & Climate

Norrab is dominated by hot biomes. Almost half of the planet's landmasses are hot deserts and savannas, almost completely void of life. Wriggling around these deserts and savannas are tropical rainforests and swamplands, infested with carnivorous coral consuming all in sight.

The planet is broken down into 95 countries, dividing up both the land and the seas. These countries are generally organised based on the geography of the planet, with many snatching up specific resource-rich landmarks. For example, countries Na'ailidi and Preden both share the Noraiis Mountain Range, a small mountain range who's rock contains significant amounts of gold and iron.

Norrab and Adamne are in a planetary marriage. These planets revolve around each other, with five moons intertwining in orbit. As these two planets orbit each other, they leave trails of star and solardust, leaving a wreckage of fire and light as they circle Cheem.

Significant Locations

Looming Desert

The largest desert on Norrab. Its sands never stay still, leaving pits in the sand to swallow up unlucky travellers.

Noraiis Mountain Range

A mineral-rich mountain range. The Noraiis range is home to the tallest mountain on the planet, 10% made of gold.

Phalan Forest

Bloodthirsty coral continue to uproot the dense Phalan Forest. It is protected by law, and people are encouraged to kill as much coral as possible.

Colo Coara

A blend of dead kelp forest and thriving coral and sponges, this tropical ocean is not as inviting as it looks. Horror lurks round every corner.

Juvin Plateau

The Juvin Plateau sits almost three thousand metres above sea level. Few creatures can survive the atmosphere, but the carnivorous coral thrives.


A moon of both Norrab and Adamne, Jhoua is the only natural satellite to influence Norrab's tides. It orbits in such an awkward position that in some areas, tides can rise up to fifty metres.


Norrab appeared in the Yonderverse around a thousand years ago, manifesting out of nowhere orbiting Cheem, a one-of-a-kind rainbow giant star. At this time nobody lived on this planet. The first adamnans fled their home planet approximately eight hundred years ago to live on Norrab, where they remain to this day.

The Norrab Space Legion was set up a hundred years ago, after encouragement from other planets in the Cheem System. The Legion has not offered much in terms of new legislation, as it prefers to sit back and observe other organisations from afar.


Norrab may appear quite lifeless and many describe it as such, but it actually contains many intriguing and breathaking ecosystems and organisms. Several animal species have found refuge on Norrab from Adamne, such as god snakes. On Adamne they are ruthlessly hunted, but thrive on Norrab as they are left alone.

Much of the life on Norrab have learnt how to cope with the predatory landscapes. Most species either fall under the mega or mini categories, with megafauna and megaplants dominating the deserts.

Drone cacti grow to over a hundred metres tall, serving as biological landmarks. Many plant species, especially woody plants, can live for thousands upon thousands of years.

The rainforests of Norrab are unsurprisingly the most ecologically diverse. The Phalan Forest alone contains 35% of all named animal species on the planet.

God Snake by Mochi
Norrab Conspiracies by Mochi
Orbit No.
Distance From Sun
14 AU
Location under
Included Locations
Inhabiting Species
No. of Natural Satellites
Significant Natural Satellites
Etera, Jhoua, Maahan, Vala, Whei

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