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The Cheem System is one of the largest solar systems in District 2, currently with 19 planets. A scientific mystery, planets somehow magically keep appearing out of nowhere with already-existing peoples, cultures, and histories. No scientist has any clue what causes this or how to stop it, or even if they want to stop it as it has no negative effects on the environment.


- 2 Moons
- 0.5 AU from Cheem

The first planet orbiting Cheem, Jynx is a world of extremes. From crude oil and mercury volcanoes to lava oceans, there is no shortage of extreme biomes and environments. Three continents sit on one mainland to form a supercontinent, each one inhabited by sophonts.

Messara is the northernmost continent, home to toxic lakes and oilcanoes. Three mountain ranges form a Z shape through central Messara, and on either side are metropolises with a collective 200 million citizens.

Lokath is the westernmost continent, home to endless floating islands, more toxic lakes, and vibrant wildlife. The islands in this continent float up to 20,000 feet above sea level. The clouds that sit on some of these islands are bright pink and smell of candyfloos, unusually.

The eastern and southernmost continent is Ahin. This entire continent is below sea level, and during high tides most of it floods. The lava ocean to the eastern coast flows down into valleys in Ahin, where flying pterosaurs and monstrous snake species live.

Jynx is orbited by two moons, Punky and Duc. These two moons have great effect on the tides of Jynx, causing some parts of the supercontinent to triple in size and reveal new locations. These two moons are worshipped in many cultures on Jynx, and they have resulted in many fascinating myths and legends across the globe.

Based on Catoblepon


- 1 Moon
- 2.7 AU From Cheem

The second planet orbiting Cheem, Amelaqua is one of few oceanic planets in this solar system. This planet is not a proper oceanic one, as it does have a tiny core, but the core is no more than 80km in diameter.

Amelaqua is divided into 15 States, each with a unique ruling government. The 15 States each have a "mascot resource", which they use to trade with other States. The mascot resources are all rare resources with significance to both industry, culture, and ecosystems throughout the planet.

The majority of the mascot resources, and all resources, on Amelaqua are unique to this planet and cannot be found anywhere else in the Yonderverse. Recently, after space-travel became the norm for the people of Amelaqua, people started selling these resources for incredible profits, which have caused a technological boom.

Writhing serpents and intelligent, group-travelling cetaceans are just some of the creatures on Amelaqua. There are millions of identified species and hundreds discovered daily, due to a large portion of the planet mostly undiscovered thanks to a unusual toxic-sphere around the core that the people of the planet cannot explore with their technology level.

Based on Amélie I. S. Debruyne


- 3 Moons
- 5.9 AU from Cheem

The cephalopod sophonts of this planet have formed monolithic settlements suctioned to the backs of enormous cetaceans. The octopus-people of Kyrophis are beyond intelligent, perfecting space-travel and teleportation just hundreds of years after their first appearance. Luckily for other sophonts, their advancements are less on world-domination and more on personal pleasure.

There are many gorgeous sights to behold on Kyrophis; from the purple volcanoes of the Severed Creek to the Ichthys Islands along the Equator, there is no shortage of interesting and beautiful locations explored by the kephalons.

There is a vast amount of lifeforms on Kyrophis. This planet is even considered a planetary oasis, for it attracts many space-creatures to its waters. There are very few islands on Kyrophis, typically around the Equator in the Eastern Hemisphere. These islands are packed with unique species that have evolved completely different to each other, aside from the few animals that can travel to other islands.

Based on Simo


- 0 Moons
- 7.2 AU from Cheem

The planet Julios is home to six different native sophonts on six different continents, with intertwining environments, cultures, peoples and speces. These blended cultures have created the most fantastic of traditions, holidays, languages, and have caused utter chaos for historians trying to record all of them.

The fourth planet from Cheem, Julios has zero moons. The lack of tides on the planet has resulted in the ocean cultivating a vast amount of pink algae forming along coastlines. This delicate algae is the Legional Organism, a mascot even surpassing any native sophont.

The bewitching biomes of Julios come in all shapes, sizes and colours, from the deepest of purple deserts to shimmering yellow rainforests. Countless adorable critters live in the forests, and they are especially popular as pets for their chaotic and adorable personalities.

The Julios Space Legion has a very large presence in the Yonderverse, and their voiced opinions has resulted in many major laws and rules with space-travel, particularly involving tourism to and from planets. This was in an effort to slow down tourist spacecrafts landing on Julios, causing extreme amounts of air and noise pollution.

Based on JRR Jara


- 6 Moons
- 9.9 AU from Cheem

Emycelium's comical name is very fitting; this planet is coated in fungi from head to toe - or rather, core to crust. With over ten million fungi species spanning countless biomes and continents, including oceans, there is no shortage of these delicious organisms.

The people of this planet, the serukians, are known to be a shy but welcoming species. If you're a tourist be polite and quiet when venturing into a serukian village. If you're loud and abrasive, you'll mostly be chased out with fungi-on-a-stick, shaking poisonous spores in your face.

The majority of the landmasses on Emycelium are swamplands of varying temperatures and humidities. To the north are small patches of dry swamplands, with very little water and instead a glutinous mud. Where there aren't swamplands there are giant mushroom forests. These mushroom forests are blanketed in mist and moss, concealing most of the light from the forest floor.

Emycelium is the only planet in the Cheem System to not have a Space Legion, due to their disapproval of the entire organisation and indepence as a planet. Many approve of the planet's decision to not have a Space Legion, while many disapprove since they believe the serukians could offer very beneficial laws and regulations for the Yonderverse.

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Based on Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull


- 19 Moons
- 10.3 AU from Cheem

Eternal thunderstorms wreak havoc across the planet Temperil. Colossal ancient metal rods stick out of the burnt lands of this planet, guiding the thunderstorms away from civilisations, simultaneously charging them. Places where thunderstorms lie are known as Dead Zones, and are entirely uninhabitable due to the animalistic natures of the lightning, that seem to target any living creature.

One of the few creatures to survive in the Dead Zones are trode bears. Short for electrode, these bears have the unique ability to store electricity within their bodies and disperse it elsewhere, typically to stun and kill prey. Trode bears are even scarier than the thunderstorms, as they can run at twice the speeds of the people of Temperil, have insatiable appetites, and their claws are the same size as their heads.

Life is bleak and a struggle on Temperil, but still it persists... because it has to. Nobody really enjoys living in constant fear of thunderstorms, trode bears, or any of the catalogue of monsters on this planet, but nevertheless people still try and enjoy their lives, and hope they're not eaten or struck by lightning.

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Based on Stormbril


- 3 Moons
- 11.1 AU from Cheem

Tihjay is inhabited by some of the most intelligent corvids in the Yonderverse. These people, inhabiting enormous treetop cities, enjoy travelling through space to foreign planets, befriending them, and leaving with a stash of shiny items that they definitely did not have permission to keep.

Inter-planetary thieves, the charming corvidians of Tihjay are loved and hated by the entire Yonderverse. You can't stay mad at them for long, as they'll charm you with their flawless personalities and stunning feathercoats. And they manipulate you with amaramancy.

Tihjay is in what is known as a Planetary Marriage with another planet in the Cheem System. Its planetary spouse, Naeranith, orbit each other as they orbit Cheem. These two planets are literally inseparable, and the sophonts of both planets have excellent relations with each other and often trade resources.

Both Tihjay and Naeranith are orbited by three moons. With complex orbit patterns, these three moons weave through the Planetary Marriage orbit in perfect sync, never getting too close to each other. These three moons are packed full of life, vibrant rainforests, mountains, deserts, oceans, and best of all, more corvidins.

Based on TJ Trewin


- 3 Moons
- 11.1 AU from Cheem

Naeranith is a planet of deserts of bones and birds. Like Tihjay, Naeranith is inhabited by intelligent bird species, the corvidians. The people of this planet inhabit the strips of rainforest that dot the planet, while deserts of raging sandstorms and skeletons decimate the lands around them.

While Tihjay's settlements are primarily atop trees, Naranith's are underground in massive cave systems. These caves have entrances within the rainforests and sprawl underneath deserts. The inhabitants like to hunt prey by creating giant sand-pits; these are simply giant holes in the roofs of the caves that reach to the surface of the deserts, where animals unwittingly slip and fall in.

Naeranith is in what is known as a Planetary Marriage with another planet in the Cheem System. Its planetary spouse, Tijhay, orbit each other as they orbit Cheem. These two planets are literally inseparable, and the sophonts of both planets have excellent relations with each other and often trade resources.

Based on Naelin


- 5 Moons
- 14 AU from Cheem

The people of Adamne are vengeful, seeking comeuppance for the damage that the Godkins caused. The Godkins are ancient sophonts that date back millions of years. They lived at peace with the other people of the planet, but a few thousand years ago they decided to take control of the planet, as they believed it was their natural right as the strongest people on Adamne.

The people did not like that at all. One by one, the godkins were slaughtered, and their cold, dead bodies were placed in the Silent Library, a necropolis worshipped by all. Every single person of Adamne are subjected to an arduous pilgrimage to the Middle of Adamne, where this necropolis lies.

After the Godkin Coup life on Adamne has been a struggle. Oases of life lie amongst the sea of death, toxic sludge and water running through the cracked lands, caving in to form valleys where almost no life lives. Tourists are few and far between - the native people are not very welcoming.

Based on Ademal


- 5 Moons
- 14 AU from Cheem

A planet of devastation and lifelessness, Norrab is a perished world of adamnans that rebelled against their home planet. These people felt dirty, worshipping the very people who turned against them, so they abandoned their home altogether and found refuge in Norrab.

Just like Tihjay and Naeranith, Norrab and Adamne are in a planetary marriage. These planets revolve around each other, with five moons intertwining in orbit. As these two planets orbit each other, they leave trails of star and solardust, leaving a wreckage of fire and light as they circle Cheem.

While there is little life on Adamne, there is less on Norrab. Just three oases sit amongst the forgotten landscapes, the oases hosting millions of lifeforms. Carnivorous coral grow in abundance round these oases, forming mountainous terrain reaching the upper atmospheres, in the form of interconnected spindly pillars and towers.

Based on Barron


- 1 Moon
- 14.5 AU from Cheem

Rubrinea is possibly the most blindingly red planet in the Yonderverse. Crimson forests and grasslands paint Rubrinea in a sea of red, while the orange towns and cities add a smidge of extra colour. The rubidians are a friendly bunch, inviting visitors with brightly glowing spaceports.

Life is abundant on Rubrinea. Millions of fauna species inhabit the various continents, of which there are a handful. Three supercontinents are made up of a total of nine separate continents, each with various cultures and peoples. Rubrinea is a popular planet for refugees, as the comfortable, varied climates, friendly people and animals, and diverse cultures make for a wonderful planet to live on.

Rubrinea's Space Legion is very well known. While the Space Legion is known for inputting laws and regulations that have benefitted the masses, they're most known for their stupendously red outfits.

Rubrinea is orbited by a single moon that shares a similar colour palette, albeit more purple. This moon is inhabited by small groups of rubidians, subsistance farming and raising the most peculiar of animals.

Learn More: Rhodos Wildlife ParkCerise Stork
Crimson-Bellied Bat by Mochi
Based on Polina "Line" Arteev


- 4 Moons
- 16.2 AU from Cheem

Another oceanic planet alongside Amelaqua, Daglaci is completely encased in ice. In some places, the ice is so thick it spans several miles in thickness, and in others just a mere few metres. In these places lakes form during warm seasons, and many marine animals come to the surface where it is nice and warm, at least for Daglaci.

The people of Daglaci enjoy their simple lives of luxury in the frozen ice forests, living in harmony with ice lynxes, a semi-intelligent species. Daglacians are extremely intelligent and have found ways of heating their ice cities while preventing anything from melting.

Monster hunting is very popular as a sport on Daglaci. The freezing climates has resulted in animals growing to extreme sizes to survive and keep warm, and these animals are very territorial, resulting in devastating battles that destroy masses of ice, and are slowly chipping away at the ground and eventually will cause the ice to crack and break.

In an effort to prevent this, daglacians have made it their mission to rid the planet of these monstrous animals, so the ice may remain as it is and the planet is not destroyed.

Underneath the ice are creatures even larger. These leviathans rule this underworld, every so often breaching the surface with their axe-shaped heads. These leviathans are the most feared creatures on the planet, and have resulted in the decimation of countless daglacians.

Monster Hunting by Mochi
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Based on Dani


- 3 Moons
- 21 AU from Cheem

The ynarians struggle to live on this planet, while all other life thrives. Ynarians are the only creatures on this planet not to be hyper-adaptive, meaning when the climates rapidly change they cannot handle it. Because of this, the mobile towns, villages and cities are constantly on the move in search of a consistent climate.

Ynaris' unusual climates raise many scientists's eyebrows. The fact that climates can alter in a matter of hours is incredibly unusual, and there are no scientific explanations as to what causes this. Ynarians cannot handle the climate change, while other animals can quickly adapt.

Ynaris is home to an abundance of flora and fungi species that are well adapted to the continually changing climates. Most of these organisms are able to locomote, something most flora and fungi species cannot do.

Because these people are always on the move, people are moving from village to village, languages are constantly changing too. There are an average of ten languages per village (10,000 pop.) and about 150 for cities (100,000 pop.). The Ynaris Space Legion has 17,492 registered languages, while the entire population of the planet is at 59 million, and a single person knows approximately 17 languages.

Based on Ynarkaelle


- 1 Moon
- 23.7 AU from Cheem

Maresa has by far the most significant presence as a Space Legion. Maresa's combination of lawful good rulers and incredibly advanced magic and technology has caused Maresa to have a great presence around the Cheem System, and a great deal of District 2.

The soil of the three continents of Maresa are slightly electrified, producing a sizzle when one steps on the ground. This electricity has been used to power the megacities of this planet, which have flourished and grown exponentially in recent years. The cities of Maresa are incredibly diverse, with thousands of cultures and thousands of sophonts of all shapes and sizes.

Maresa's moon, Peaches, is incredibly important to the planet. It is used as a telescope to keep watch over other planets and keep an eye on any incoming spacecrafts, in case of an attack. Unfortunately this has happened many times in Maresa's recorded history, yet each time Maresa forgives those who attack them and try to make peace.

Based on Morgan Biscup


- 1 Moon
- 28.3 AU from Cheem
Bronze Sloth by Mochi

Nestled within an asteroid belt is Capepo. This luscious planet is famed for its homegrown crops. The native capsains are a friendly bunch, but the one thing they don't tolerate is slander of their vegetables. The soil of Capepo is unusually fertile; laced with floramancy, any seeds planted grow three times faster than on the average planet.

Many farmers from other planets set their sights on Capepo, purchasing small plots to grow their own fruits and vegetables, increasing competition in what is a surprisingly cut-throat industry.

The planet is incredibly rich in natural splendor. The rolling hills and soft-peaked mountains paired with the global crystal-clear oceans and tidy beaches, gives Capepo an almost cartoonish feel.

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Based on Sh4d0wPh03n1x


- 3 Moons
- 30.5 AU from Cheem
Tropic Merfolk by Mochi

Auvarha flicks between autumn and winter year-round; as a relatively cold planet, the people have brought about some magnificent festive traditions. The people of this planet strive to create a balance between technology and nature, and their flora-infused cities are built on the backs of sprawling forests.

The magical landscapes have risen from the ground to form giant floating islands, held together by tightly strung vines thick enough to withstand hundred of auvarhans walking along them. The name 'auvarhan' is simply an umbrella term, as Auvarha is home to an abundance of creatures deemed mythological on so many other planets, such as centaurs and minotaurs, merfolk, harpies, giants, fauns, along with countless others.

Auvarha's Space Legion is dead-set on redesigning the Yonderverse in its entirety. After seeing countless planets suffer from over-population, pollution, global warming and climate change, they have promoted the solarpunk lifestyle, encouraging other Space Legions to make more of an effort to create a greener and more sustainable environment.

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Based on AP.


- 1 Moon
- 35.2 AU from Cheem

Ruled by a group of sophontic robots, Rabalhar is packed full of mystery and horror, hidden behind a thin veil of bright neon lights and monolithic skyscraper cities. It is advised not to visit Rabalhar; people who land on the planet seldom leave, and when they do they are never the same. Even though it's discouraged, many feel compelled to see what's truly going on deep below the planet's surface.

A scan of the planet shows that 90% of its crust is artificial, digging into the mantle with wires extending all the way into the core of the planet. The worldwide city of Rabalhar is powered by the planet's core, infested with various forms of magic that work harmoniously with the advanced technology crafted by its robot inhabitants.

The robots have never left the planet, dragging people to them instead. They act as sirens, an alluring voice ringing through the depths of space that can't be heard, yet entices people.

Based on Han


- 0 Moons
- 39.1 AU from Cheem

This planet has almost fallen into the "overpopulated" category for the last thousand years, but they bypass this by making cities that literally stretch from the surface of its oceans to a low-planetary orbit. The inhabitants of Vimowerol are one of the most intelligent in the solar system, using their brains to construct marvellous architectures that break the laws of the Yonderverse.

Vimowerol is a vibrant planet, home to biomes and environments of all of the colours of all of the rainbows. The crust of the planet alone has seventy thousand different types of stone, ranging from warm reds, yellows, and oranges, colder greens, blues, and purples, and mute blacks, greys, browns and whites.

The life on this planet share the same eclectic colour palette. Vimowerol is dominated by mammals, with its singular sophontic species in the felidae family. They are quite tenacious people and their Space Legion has made waves round the local star systems, creating new trade routes to barter for new resources to expand their megacities with.

Based on Owen Davies


- 3 Moons
- 40.5 AU from Cheem

The land both above and below the oceans are covered in cavities and cenotes, opening up into pristine pockets of fluorishing life. Outside of these pockets the land is dry and desolate, with arid deserts, flat open plains, and chilling tundras. Most of the life on this planet can be found in these little pockets, hidden away from extreme weathers and climates.

The native people are used to this life. Cenotes provide water and caves provide homes, and large tunnel systems with navigation systems meaning travelling the world is done completely underground. Many space-faring passerbys have examined this planet and left before realising anybody even lived there.

The jevans are semi-aquatic and are more than accustomed to cave-flooding. During monsoon-season which affects a great part of the planet, many inhabited caves will completely flood, rendering them uninhabitable for most land-based animals. Luckily, jevans can breathe underwater as they have both lungs and gills, and their housing and entire day-to-day lives are suited to both dry land and completely submerged underwater.

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Author's Notes

Each planet is inspired by a good friend from the World Anvil Community. In the future I want to add more people to this solar system, so keep an eye out!

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