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Gilde XG

Gilde XG is a large asteroid in the Karkhas System within the Royal Ring, an asteroid belt orbiting Karkhas, a radioactive main sequence star. This asteroid is 95% pure gold and an active mining site. Like the entirety of the Karkhas System, Gilde XG is owned and mined by the oanie, a devilish, colonising, scheming species with a reputation for taking control of entire planets and solar systems.

Volcanic Disruptions

Quite alarmingly, Gilde XG has seen multiple eruptions of molten gold in several different excavation sites around the asteroid. Gilde XG was first thought to be completely solid, made almost entirely of solid gold, but after several eruptions and volcanic activity detected in the space rock's core.

Instead of forming typical volcanoes, like ones found on planets, Gilde XG simply explodes in certain areas, seemingly instantaneously melting. In less than a second, the solid gold can go from below 0 degrees Celsius to over one and a half thousand degrees.

Oanie have slowed down the productivity of their excavation sites, out of fear that the asteroid may explode in its entirety and gathering liquid gold in the spacial void is very difficult.

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Gold Star Mining

Gold Star Mining is Karkhala's leading gold-mining company, specialising in extracting gold from asteroids. Its specialised cargo transporters, mining spacecrafts, and asteroid assessor drones are one of a kind, designed by specialist mining technology companies.

The company has set up thirteen separate excavation sites on Gilde XG, only three of which still active. The other ten were closed down after volcanic activity disturbed operations, rendering the sites unusable and much too dangerous. Unfortunately, the company suffered quite significantly from this, as the promise of millions of tonnes of gold brought in investors, who backed out upon hearing the news of closed mining sites.

Parent Location

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