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Karkhas System

One of over a hundred solar systems under Karkhala's rule, the Karkhas System is home to just one planet and an assortment of unusual asteroids.

A radioactive virus has just been disovered within Karkhas, the system's star, already having wiped out one colony of oanie. It is spreading faster and faster as virologists fight to eliminate this deadly plague.



- 3 Moons
- 6 AU from Karkhas

A watery paradise, Khuanatashini is a freshwater oceanic planet - one of very few. It is extremely rare to see a planet solely covered in water be completely freshwater, but this planet is unique. Six different regions are divided based on levels of oxygen and murkiness, allowing for truly gargantuan creatures to arise.

What was once a vibrant, bustling world of turtleback towns and cities, Khuanatashini has since been abandoned by its native peoples. These creatures are barely clinging to life, the weight of these worlds on their backs slowly crushing their lifeforce. The condition these turtles were left in is so detrimental that even the oanie, the planet's new colonialistic overlords, are attempting to save the species.

Other Major Points of Interest

Royal Ring

The Royal Ring is a massive asteroid belt between 9 and 50 AU from Karkhas. This belt is home to many peculiar asteroids, many of which made mostly or entirely of solid mineral. These asteroids are extremely valuable to mining corporations such as Gold Star Mining.

Mathas Ring

Orbiting the Royal Ring is the Mathas Ring. It wraps around the Royal Ring, not as a single belt, but as a gigantic lattice of asteroids.

Gilde XG

Gilde XG is 95% gold, incredibly valuable to the oanie. Explosions of molten gold on this asteroid has thwarted many, now abandoned, mining sites.

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